I have been wrestling with the answer to a canonical puzzle that has me stumped. Maybe a reader can shed some light on it for me.

First, it is said that a sacrament to be valid must contain the following: Material and Form that must be as prescribed for the sacrament and that the Intention of the priest or bishop must intend to do what the Church intends. Now what happens if the priest or bishop does not intend to do what the Church intends? Let me propose 1 of a number of scenarios that I can imagine happening.


Over 1000 seminarians, most who became priests and a few who became bishops, were inserted into the Church by Bella Dodd and they were, according to her, Communists, Freemasons and Homosexuals whose intent was to destroy the hierarchy of the Church. Now Bella related this to Bp. Fulton J. Sheen who converted Bella, and she also testified under the penalty of perjury this information to the Senate Committee on UnAmerican Activity.

Now if these people joined to destroy the Church rather than to spread the faith and to do that which the Church desired could they possibly have the intention of the Church they hate?

So would their Masses, their Absolutions and in the case of a Bishop, their ordinations be valid. For it seems that in my understanding of the validity of sacraments that all three of the conditions (matter, form and intention) must exist and it is obvious that the right intention is not present.

So do we have invalidly ordained priests and bishops in the hierarchy? For if we do, it would be almost impossible to straighten out since many of these men came into the Church during the 50’s and we have no idea if these programs of infiltration stopped after Bella Dodd’s stopped this activity and to my knowledge we have no data on whether many more entered in as well.

How can we have confidence in the sacraments if this is the case? If it is true that their sacraments are invalid, then it seems to me that the only way to purge this corruption is to first rout out the offenders from our midst. But even good and holy clerics may have been invalidly ordained. So it seems that we would also have to give them a conditional ordination, like a conditional Baptism, in order to assure that our sacraments are once again something that we can have great confidence in as being authentic and valid. And if somehow, the Church protects the sacraments against such sacrilege, how does it do that?

Any answers out there? I would like to know the Church’s response to such a scenario and know how it would fix this problem if it truly exists.