O Immaculate and entirely-pure Virgin Mary, Mother of God, Queen of the Universe, our own good Lady; thou art above all the Saints, the only hope of the Patriarchs, and the joy of the Saints. Through thee we have been reconciled with our God. Thou art the only advocate of sinners, and the secure haven of those who are sailing on the sea of this life. Thou art the consolation of the world, the ransom of captives, the joy of the sick, the comfort of the afflicted, the refuge, the salvation of the whole world. O great Princess, Mother of God, cover us with the wings of thy mercy, and pity us. No other hope but thee is given us, O most pure Virgin. We are given to thee, and consecrated to thy service; we bear the name of thy servants. O, then, permit not that Lucifer should drag us to Hell. O immaculate Virgin, we are under thy protection, and therefore we have recourse to thee alone; and we beseech thee to prevent thy beloved Son, Who is irritated by our sins, from abandoning us to the power of the devil O thou who art full of grace, enlighten my understanding, loosen my tongue, that it may sing thy praises; and more particularly the angelic Salutation, so worthy of thee. I salute thee, O peace, O joy, O consolation of the whole world. I salute thee, O greatest of miracles, O paradise of delights, secure haven of those who are in danger, fountain of graces, mediatress between God and men. 

(St. Ephrem the Syrian: d. 373)