Protestants: it is so easy to generalise, is it not? But is it right? Over the past couple weeks I have been reading the posts on this site, and there are lots of things that I agree on, and I am also learning a lot about what the Roman Catholic Church teaches. However, I am seeing too much generalisation when speaking about Protestants.

How many groups are in the Protestant Church? most will say about 30,000. Lutherans, Presbyterians, Baptists, the Dutch Reformed, just to name a few.

But guess what? There are even separations WITHIN the denominations. The separation is this: Reformed, and not Reformed. Traditional, and Contemporary.

When I moved to a different state, myself and my family were appalled with what the Presbyterian Church has been getting up to. They are going hard-core contemporary. Church is slowing becoming a Sunday morning rock concert where you have your emotions targeted with a “sermon” from a preacher who is a hypocrite. Babies are taking part in communion, and I mean 6 month old babies, I wouldn’t lie about that. These are small pieces of information with what the contemporary movement is getting up to.

I have been raised in the Reformed Church my whole life, and I praise the Lord for that. We have one or two musical instruments at most, and are played quietly enough so that they don’t overpower the congregation’s singing. We sing only hymns, not praise songs. The style of preaching is called expository preaching. Meaning the preacher gets a piece of Scripture, or a topic, and delves right into the heart of it. It is a really good way of preaching. And the Reformed church is a lot more devout, I can guarantee you.

This is why I get upset when I hear someone like Patrick (bearing in mind I have nothing against him) say something like, “Protestants say Catholics worship Mary.” Protestants like myself are called Reformed for a reason. We know how it all works. Just don’t bother talking about theology to someone from one of Hillsong’s Church. If you drive there, the road you’re driving on is going to Hell.