Archbishop Cranmer’s “Mrs Proudie’s Portrait of the Week” is especially good this week – and by that I mean his sharp wit in writing, not the news content, which is deeply saddening.

There is much to discuss, but one section in particular struck me.

According to The Jupiter, Mr. Robinson will re-appear at the Old Bailey for yet another trial. One is only surprised they haven’t opted for Mr. Carroll’s ‘Sentence first, trial later’, as demanded by the Queen of Hearts, but then again perhaps they have…a little working class man from Luton sticks his neck out to say the Emperor has no clothes and the State decides he must be crushed.

Tommy Robinson is not out of the woods yet – so continue to pray for him. He has made mistakes in the past – haven’t we all? – but this is a man who loves his country and wants to see the traditions of liberty and self-respect continue in it. Let’s not kid ourselves:

we are all diseased,
And with our surfeiting and wanton hours
Have brought ourselves into a burning fever,
And we must bleed for it; of which disease
Our late King Richard, being infected, died.

-Archbishop in Henry IV Part 2, Act 4, Scene 1

This nation is sick and needs a physician. There are good healthy souls around, but they must unite to break the fever that is upon us. Christians in this country must form prayer groups to pray for the restoration of this country by the grace of God through humbling, through Brexit, through works of the Kingdom of Heaven, and through the voices of prophets crying in the wilderness.