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I always wanted to write one of the ‘Dummy’ books because I figure if anyone could understand a dummy it was me.


Something miraculous happens to a human being when they receive Baptism. They are changed and have become a ‘new man’ though nobody can see it; they look unchanged.

A human person is ’substantively’ both body and spirit; though we do not see the spirit soul with our material vision. But we believe and have it on good authority that we do have a spirit soul and that Christ, the Holy Spirit and even the Father (the Triune God cannot be separated . . . where one is, the other 2 are there as well*) will reside in that spirit soul once it has been opened to Him and reborn in the waters of Baptism.

Thereafter, the ‘accidents’ or material components of the person do not ‘appear’ to have changed but (since the substance of a human person comprises both body and spirit) the soul is now inhabited by God; its substance, transubstantiated to be a new spirit in the Baptized human person.

Chapter 1.

Transubstantiation is just a fancy way of saying that what makes bread, bread or wine, wine is changed into a new substance: and that substance is the Glorified Jesus in His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. Now just like the human person who has been saved (take Bosco for instance**) looks the same as he did when he was unsaved, the ‘accidents’ have not changed. We call them accidents because they are secondary to what makes bread, bread and wine, wine. Just like the body of Bosco is irrelevant (and may have been an accident) to the new person that Bosco has become since he became saved.

Now was that so hard?

Chapter 2.

Consubstantiation would be like receiving a second spirit soul at baptism that dwells in harmony with our first spirit soul; which might make it a bit too crowded.

Transfinalization would be like saying that nothing happens now but the final result will be something really good; trust me.

Transignification would be like saying we think somehow something has happened but we aren’t sure how to describe it . . . but it must signify something (I think); also like Bosco.

And thus ends another lesson in my Theology for Dummies series. Next week, we might release a new work called: Holy Orders for Dummies.

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*see my book: The Trinity for Dummies

**please! Actually he underwent transdiscombobulation which is much different and requires a bus ride and cute girl.