One Blogger on WordPress, Spaniardviii, decided to attack me yesterday, insinuating that I’m a plagiarist. Spaniard made this assumption solely on the basis that I’m 15 years old. That’s it. I guess a teenager cannot:

1. Write articles on religion without stealing other’s work without giving credit.

2. Know enough about religion to be a competent debater.

On another blogger’s site (page link at bottom) Spaniard made the assumption:

“By knowing that you are 15 tells me even more about you that you rely heavily on Catholic theologians. Everything that you have said to be is not from you but is by those that you rely heavily on. The information that you are spewing clearly cannot come from a 15 years old kid but comes from whatever Catholic sites or sources you go to. I’m really refuting in a sense those sites not you.”

Clearly cannot come from a 15 year old kid? Age does not make one wise Spaniard. I only claim to have better knowledge of the Christian religion than you because I believe your beliefs are incorrect. That’s just my opinion. If you truly knew so much about the Bible, why would you be outside the Catholic Church?

“You should have been honest and just said that you read someone’s material that you agreed with. There’s nothing wrong with that but you made me and other people believe that it was yours. For an example, my 15 years old son was asserting that he knew something because he was convinced by a YouTube video.”

Should have been honest? I was unaware of any dishonesty. I never have gone and “reworded” someone else’s work. I quote other’s work, and note it in footnotes. You do not know me; do not insult my knowledge. Don’t judge me against your teen son.

I am a Catholic Apologist. I do not steal other’s work. If I quote someone’s work, I give them credit. If I want to share someone else’s work, I re-blog it. You do not know me; you haven’t met me. You cannot judge my knowledge of Christianity. You cannot make the assumption that I’m a plagiarist solely on my age. You want a piece of advice from this Catholic Thinker? Be kinder. Lighten up.


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