APTOPIX Vatican Pope

This article at Vox Cantoris today elicited a lot of head scratching from me this morning. I began to think more about the plight of the Catholic Church in today’s modern world and the uncertainty that we have as Catholics to the validity of our Masses, Confessions and other sacraments outside of Baptism (which does not require a priest). The point of this article was, in fact, based on an established fact that Bella Dodd and others succeeded in getting over 1000 infiltrators from the Communist Party, homosexuals and outright apostates ordained to the priesthood. This fact alone brings into question the validity of their priesthood ordination. So I looked to see if Canon Law might help sort this out.

I found this on Canon Law Made Easy which answers a portion of my confusion but not all. It quotes the words from Sacramentum Ordinis by Pope Pius XII which deals only with matter and form. It states that the only matter required is the ‘laying on of hands’ and the only form required is ‘the words of ordination’ as given by the Church. The article goes on to point out that 2 points were ommitted because at the time they were not even imagined to be something that would cause any controversy; ‘intention of the ordaining Bishop’ and the fact that the recipient of ordination is a Baptized man of the Catholic Church . . . no women need apply.

But that left me without much help in determining if the recipient was acting in good faith, was not a complete apostate and had no intention of becoming a priest as the Catholic Church regards a priest. If their sole purpose was to ruin the Church and sabotage Her would their consecration be valid? It did, however, postulate that if the Bishop did not intend to ordain the priests at ordination then these priests would be invalidly ordained and none of their sacraments, save Baptism, would be valid.

So that shows us a large, perhaps larger than imagined, problem within the Church that could be growing like a fast growing cancerous tumor. For example, if invalidly ordained priests themselves become bishops and ordain other priests without having a shred of belief (truly apostates of the Faith) then the priests that they ordain would likewise have invalid ordinations. And so it goes and so it grows year after year from there. And we all know that an apostate bishop can decide on who is to teach the priests in formation at their seminaries and the qualifications for these potential priests. He may be looking for the effete or the outright homosexual or signs of it. He may hire apostate theologians to teach these young men and when they are formed in his own image he would then ordain them.  Would they really be priests or would they simply be faux priests which would only be a mockery of the Faith?

When I couple that with the recent happenings in the Church regarding a number of issues and the recent polls that indicate that nearly half of our diocesan (Novus Ordo) priests do not believe that Christ is truly present in the Sacrifice of the Altar but merely symbolic, it leaves one a bit unnerved as to how many communions and perhaps confessions were actually valid. It is a depressing thought that brings with it no consolation as the recent conversations within the Church and the recent polls which I have noted might indicate.

And what becomes of our Church should we no longer have a validly ordained bishop to, in turn, ordain other priests and bishops? One can imagine a Church that has ceased to exist. But we have Christ’s promise to fall back on for that situation. For the Church will still exist when He returns though He does not guarantee much in how many will still abide in the Faith.

Seems to me that we, our priests and our bishops should get busy ferreting out the apostates amongst us and cleaning house if we wish to carry out Christ’s mandate to teach all nations and to save souls for the greater Glory of God. In such confusion as we have today it is incumbent that we at least attempt to clean house or face His judgement on our slothfulness and indifference to the health and life of His Church in our times. We may already be in hospice, so if nothing else, we must pray that the Church might make a miraculous recovery as we are incapable to withstand such an onslaught of diabolical and satanic attacks on our own.