We used to get amused at the antics and zany actions portrayed in movies such as, It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. But that was in the days when grownups generally behaved as grownups and displayed, for the most part, a high degree of self-control. And when they didn’t they were looked at as being completely daft or acting like wild, undisciplined children which struck us as being so bizarre that it was actually funny and worthy of a good belly laugh. 

That is no longer the case I fear as we have nearly half a country today that has turned what used to be a civil society into a truly mad world; one which is eked on by the media, Hollywood and the supposed comedians who aren’t even funny anymore. 

Schools applaud this madness and encourage outlets for the rage that they inspire about things which mostly they know little to nothing about. It is what we teach kids today. Give vent to your anger with outrageous behavior or inspire others to do so. Go out and start a riot. Publicly humiliate people you disagree with. Beat or perhaps kill those whom you don’t agree with. This is what the so-called main stream media and the democratic party have descended to. 

It has now even manifested itself within certain departments of the government and once these people are entrenched it is like trying to rid an apartment in the slums of New York of a cockroach infestation. You can see an example of this new undisciplined and childish behavior which is sweeping the land here. What has happened to civility and self-control?

Rush Limbaugh recently spoke on his radio program about how irresponsible the media and the wild-eyed leftist loons have become, here. Note the Hollywood types, like Peter Fonda, and their use of their Twitter accounts to call for the killing and sodomizing of the children of those who might believe something different than they do about the immigration laws that are in place.

If self-control was once looked at as a virtue and part of growing up into a mature human being, we are now at a point where the only virtue that is recognized is to support the craziness of the left wing progressives and modernist effeminate children that roam about looking for their next riot or target for their vindictiveness. 

Maturity is not what it once was. Maturity today (at least among the democrats and progressives) is seeing who can be more outrageous, filthy and loathsome than the next person. That is what makes you a celebrity and a voice worth listening to.

I am sad to say that even the Catholic Church and other Christian churches have joined in on certain political issues; either because they fear the left, get money for doing so, or have become infested by these same loons within their leadership.  An example of this is seen in the actions of a bishop who wants to excommunicate anyone that disagrees with him on the immigration issue. You can read that here.

If this is the new, unbridled world of juveniles who are now manipulating society and the news, what is the future going to look like? Besides being a mad, mad, mad, mad world, I think it’s going to be more like the society we saw in the production of Mad Max.