In our search for meaning we may not have any clearly defined concept of the symbol “God.” I don’t think that matters. As T S Eliot has said “the meaning is in the waiting.”

It’s not that God is dead, but the older we become, greater is the depth of his mystery. It becomes all the more important  to spend time in silent prayer which is waiting upon God.

“Prayer is like watching for the kingfisher,” writes the poet Ann Lewin.

Kingfisher in flight

  • Prayer is like watching for
  • The kingfisher. All you can do is
  • Be there where he is like to appear, and
  • Wait.
  • Often nothing much happens;
  • There is space, silence and
  • Expectancy.
  • No visible signs, only the
  • Knowledge that he’s been there
  • And may come again.
  • Seeing or not seeing cease to matter,
  • You have been prepared.
  • But when you’ve almost stopped
  • Expecting it, a flash of brightness
  • Gives encouragement.


It’s easy to be caught up in movements of spiritual enthusiasm, but if we’re honest these are often ego trips.

The Holy Spirit requires space and time in our often fragmented existence.

Thomas Merton in one of his letters makes the comment – “Our real journey in life is interior: it is a matter of growth, deepening, and of an even greater surrender to the creative action of love and grace in our hearts.”

Believing or disbelieving isn’t the point.  Even to say we don’t know is equally unsatisfactory. Each of us is adrift over a sea of nothingness. It’s akin to being the survivor of a ship wreck drifting on a piece of wood fastened to nothing. We have to trust the current that we are drifting in the right direction. Trust is the operative word.


We must surely be aware of a mystery at the very heart of existence?

As Christians We find ourselves fastened to the Cross, bound in an incomprehensible way to Jesus, fastened to him, but adrift over the abyss.  I sometimes wake in the night aware of life’s insecurity and my frailty.

. Each man in his darkness goes towards the light” wrote Victor Hugo.

The life of everyone us has a meaning which escapes him or her. Each of us, despite difficulties, vacillations, and failures moves from a confused darkness towards the peace of the Kingdom.of God. The day shall finally come when, as it is written in the Scriptures, God shall wipe away all tears. Our life appears to be like a novel, but God finds the title.


Twilight and sunset at Hayle.