The European Parliament elections will take place next week. It is expected that among the UK candidates, the Brexit Party, headed by Nigel Farage, will perform well. There are several messages that people who will vote for the Brexit Party wish to send.

  • While we remain in the EU, we will resist the proliferation of EU legislation and the concentration of power in EU institutions.
  • We are unhappy with the failure of the government and Parliament to take us out of the EU by the end of the two-year notice period triggered by the Article 50 process.
  • We distrust the mainstream parties and consider that they have failed to preserve our heritage.
  • We seek a return to our traditions of independence, minimal interference, and global relations.
  • We are opposed to the dissolution of the nation state.

It is hoped that Brexit Party MEPs, should any be elected, will be able to work with representatives from similar continental parties. The current trends in EU politics and aspirations are concerning.

  • Freedom of speech (particularly over the internet)
  • Relations with the USA
  • The creation of an EU army
  • Relations with Russia
  • Immigration
  • The Ero
  • Direct interference with the budgets of Member States
  • Relations with Israel
  • Rights pertaining to discrimination

The two wings of the EU – left and right – are fundamentally opposed to one another. The right wing may gain a majority of seats in the Parliament or at least enough to offer real resistance to proposed legislation. We shall see.