Cranmer’s blog has an article today about gender ideology in the classroom. Frequently demands for “tolerance” and “acceptance” in the context of non-traditional gender and sexuality views amount to calls for adoption of a viewpoint, not simply calls for politeness and understanding.

These demands are an assault upon conscience itself – and we ought to be wary of them. The defence of conscience was a major factor in the Wars of Religion – a lesson that cost Europe millions of lives. Our societies in the West are now at risk of abandoning this lesson.

The conscience answers to God. While it can be malformed, as St Paul concedes, that does not excuse a person from acting in a manner contrary to his conscience. To do so is sin. The conscience must be reformed through proper reason and revelation, by voluntary acceptance of new propositions for the right reason – not simply in order to obtain some pleasant experience.

While we may attempt to persuade people to change their views, we cannot force them to do so. Attempting to invade and sack the sanctum of conscience is a serious sin. This is where our society stands today. For all its talk of “inclusivity” and “tolerance”, it is really excluding people and attempting to brainwash those who resist. These efforts come ultimately from the spiritual realm. They are resistance to the Gospel and to the return of Christ.

The Bible calls us to expose the darkness by shining a light on it. This means refusing to alter our consciences for the wrong reasons, explaining the truth to those who will listen, and leading quiet, peaceful lives that demonstrate the sincerity of our beliefs and commitment to Christ.