Fr. Z had a very interesting post about Anthony Esolen’s latest post concerning the making of men from boys and that it is something a mother cannot provide her son with; it takes a father (or father figure to do that). Fr. Z’s post is here:

I am of the opinion that the failure of this present generation in creating men has spread far beyond the simple idea of boys (in a man’s body) and women who create a child without the prerequisite marriage; which became natural in every civilization. This was a part of a boys rite of passage into manhood. But note that in our present day most of the areas in a boys life where his manhood is put to the test has been eradicated; that the rite of passage from boyhood to manhood has almost disappeared from our society. It is apparent in the new Boy Scouts that allows girls, military academies and the military itself are now coed and has even pervaded our churches where boys who were altar boys in the past are now simply altar servers along side girls and the male mentoring of boys has all but disappeared. 

For a boy to become a man he needs a father or a father figure; a mentor, grandfather, uncle, older married brother or a manly pastor/priest  that will give boys the necessary information they need in order that they might make this cultural passage from boyhood to manhood. In robbing these young boys of the traditional rite of passage has impoverished our societies with fewer real men who have been replaced with big boys, with bodies of men, who have never, and may never, grow into men. They do not understand how to relate to other men nor do they know how to create monogamous relationships that are fueled by procreation, provision and protection. They simply enjoy the sex as a satisfaction of their lust and without learning that men need to learn the responsibility that men once were taught: procreation, provision and protection. For this is the realm of real men who find their manhood in fulfilling the role of a husband. Women, on the other hand, are different and their desire to seek a real man for a husband is hardwired into their very genes. And today these women are having a hard time meeting a real man to enter into matrimony and willing to live out a life of sacrifice to provide and protect his nuclear family. It is perhaps our greatest failure and the largest worldwide crisis  we have faced since the dawn of man.

Please read the following 2 articles which are related. The Esolen article is better but the Stanton article fills in some gaps and gives another perspective on the subject as well. – Glenn Stanton – Anthony Esolen

What then are we to do about this situation? For once down this track of fatherless households it seems that we have gone down the slippery slope and things will just get worse from here. I have no answers but I do know that if we don’t start making men from boys soon, we won’t have any men to mentor the next generation of boys.