End of year is a lovely article written by Jessica Hoff. It prompted me to share my own thoughts on the subject.

I have always considered Advent to be that time to prepare for Him a room. There was no room at the inn but there’s room in a heart. I walk into the room of my heart and look around and I’m not pleased. I go fetch my cleaning supplies and return to face the room.

I notice the cobwebs; I’ve not used this room to its full advantage and so it has gotten dusty. I didn’t praise Him enough. I didn’t pray to Him enough. I didn’t share my joy in Him enough so now all this dust and cobwebs. I sweep and vacuum and make sure I get into all the dark corners. I make sure I keep my eyes wide open so I can see everything in the dark corners. Where the Light is, there can be no dark corners.

I scrub mop the floor. It seems that every foulness I have occasioned is spilled over and floor bears every stain. It’s back-breaking work; I toss out the murky water as many times as it takes til the floor is so clean it is squeaky and shining.

I take special care in cleaning the windows. No streaks allowed! I don’t stop polishing the glass until it is sparkling. This is very important to me because they sparkle and glisten in the Son and will be seen by Him and everyone who looks in my windows will see Him.

Just about Christmas Eve, the room is prepared for Him. Clean, shiny, sweet smelling. The candles are lit and flicker playfully. There are no dark corners, the muck of another year has been removed and the room and I wait. I am ready to receive my Lord.