Psalm 46 is one of my favourite Psalms. It is referenced in the film “Zulu” by the Colour Sergeant, and is the inspiration for the worship song “Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise”.

This Psalm looks to God as a refuge and source of just rule in this earth. He is the Defender of Israel, and His kingdom is the only hope for the nations.

This Psalm, as so many others, has an eschatological aspect. It looks to the defeat and suppression of the Gentiles and the rule of God over this earth from a new Jerusalem, from Mount Zion. The river appears in Ezekiel, flowing from under the threshold of the Temple, and in Revelation John draws on Ezekiel.

We must have courage and trust in God. Though things may get worse, God will have the victory. On the Day of the LORD, He will be vindicated and take rulership of this earth. He will make wars cease and usher in a new age of peace.