This Psalm is cited in the New Testament as a prophecy of the Messiah’s resurrection. We may not always think of the Psalms as prophetic – Isaiah, Daniel, and Ezekiel would more readily spring to mind, perhaps – but the Psalms are frequently cited as prophecy in the New Testament.

This Psalm is about trusting in the one true God, who will raise all people at the Last Day, and welcome His people into the kingdom prepared for them. Those who follow false gods and do not repent will not be part of this kingdom.

Seeking God and being intellectually honest are important. If we delude ourselves into accepting and staying in a false religion, we are not honest on this point. So many people around the world are trapped still, bound up with these systems because of personal, cultural, and national pressures.

Hope, trust, love, and honesty – these must guide us into the House of the Lord.