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The year 2020 has been remarkable in so many ways. It seems there are no happy people on the planet. I admit, I’m having more down days than up days, too.

Prayers are built for comfort and they do comfort us. They remind us of Who is in charge and that we are never alone; He will neither leave us nor forsake us. Great comfort in that.

Being human, however, that confidence in Jesus can get a little weak, get a little dimmed by what’s around us. Sometimes, it takes something more to get us back on the right track, restore in full measure what we know so well.

This is a very short article because I’d much rather you focus on these videos. I can not explain in words how the elevate me, how they lift my soul.

So, yes; there’s politics and yes, there’s virus, and yes, there’s the economy. But! There’s this:

And this:

It is well with my soul.