My daily YouTube jaunt this morning garnered outstanding results.

In 2004, what became the highest ever box office release with an R rating, Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, was released to an anxiously awaiting public. There’s never been a ‘Jesus movie’ like it, before or since. It was a tremendously moving experience. Like or dislike Mel Gibson (keep in mind, we are ALL broken people), what he committed to film will never be forgotten – much like the Man in the title. In the movie, ‘Jesus’ (Jim Caviezel) speaks Aramaic – a dead language. Several ancient languages scholars were brought together to formulate what Aramaic sounded like. It’s one of the exciting extras that got all those people to the box office. It was an unforgettable movie about an unforgettable Man.

Which brings me to what I saw on YT this morning. We were always told that Gibson would make a sequel to The Passion of the Christ but the trail went cold, Gibson had his run-ins with the law and alcohol, and the idea faded, like tracks on hard ground. But this morning, I found not one but TWO new Mel Gibson movies! The first one, Christ: The Second Coming, is due out next year. From the few trailers I watched, all I know is Dwayne Johnson stars but I think I also saw Jeffrey Dean Morgan in a wide lens shot (he plays the character Negan in The Walking Dead); that’s a guess because it was a fast camera pan of a big room. Special effects seem to abound but the ‘Coming on the clouds’ scene looks riveting! I’ve got my fingers crossed about this one – I was excited about the Noah movie (not a Mel Gibson produced/directed movie) and was fairly disappointed with it.

But here’s the doubly exciting one – The Passion of the Christ: The Resurrection – is due to be released in 2022. Caviezel will reprise his role as Jesus. I want to see this one so badly! Like a little kid, I ‘can’t wait’ to see it. Because I AM a geek of epic proportions, I’m hoping that there will be some kind of emphasis on the burial shroud and the sudarium of Oviedo. That would just amp me up! Yes; of course I know Jesus is the center (of everything) but that geek in me really wants to see special treatment on the cloths! The Bible states that the cloth was on one portion of the bench and the face cloth set apart and folded.

Gosh! I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas!