It’s funny how certain things come to mind from various things we experience throughout a regular day. News, music, television shows, movies – all the things we encounter as we move from morning to night.

For the last few days, this verse has been tapping me on the head. It managed to embed itself in my memory by its own desire. I didn’t study it to memorize it, it memorized itself in my brain.

Psalm 46:10. “Be still, and know that I am God: ” Be still. That’s a tall order and God knew it when He said it. It is virtually impossible for humans to be still. Ever watch a live sporting event? Do those folks ever sit down and watch the game? Why did they pay so much money for their seats if they weren’t going to sit in them? Think of just about any grouping of humans and you will find a distinct lack of ‘still’. Even in church, during the sermon you hear papers rustling, books being shuffled about, women in and out of their purses. It’s very hard to be still.

Be still; also means take a moment, away from the phone, radio, tv, family members, all extraneous input and know that He is God. Be still; take refuge in Him, hide in Him, rest in Him. Be still; “he leadeth me beside still waters” – calm, flat and reflective of the sky and of Him. Be still; let His power and might and love passing understanding wash over you. Be still; let Him wash away your cares and concerns, your anger and dispair. Be still; allow yourself a time of peace of mind and heart. Be still – and know that He is God.

Everything in our lives seem overwhelming. Debts and bad health and kids going wrong and politics in the world and politics in the Church and rising prices and threats against domestic peace and illness and unfairness and car repairs and what’s for dinner and the laundry needs doing now and, and, and. We are overwhelmed but we needn’t be. All we have to do, really, is follow that verse in Psalm 46. That’s why it’s there – for us to follow. Before you allow yourself to be drowned by the world around you, do this: Be still, and know that He is God.

Be still.