Dear Readers,

Sometimes I look at the statistical history of the beginning of this blog to the present. The Blog use to be extremely popular with an extremely large reach. The stats begin in 2012 and by 2013 had exploded. After 2013 the stats begin to decline steadily with 2015 and 2016 at a steady viewership. It was during 2016 that I began to participate in the discussion of the blog and at the time it was still graced with many authors: Chalcedon, Neo, Geoffrey, Scoop, Quia, Nicholas, Gareth, Bosco, and the return of the creator of the blog Jessica. A unique place of ecumenical discussion of theology that broke the echo chamber of those locked in their own faith’s groupthink.

Reviewing the statistics, after 2016, the blog began to decline more rapidly. I remember there began a lot of infighting between the participates of the blog that was getting personal in nature about not necessarily the theology of Christianity but the institutions and personal relationships to those institutions themselves. The outcome is that many left the blog and it has been a shadow of itself ever since.

I hope those that have left will return. In fact, part of me still blogs on here for that very reason. Our last author to leave was Nicholas. Nicholas, I believe came after me, a friendly fellow that should be thanked for keeping the blog alive as he was the most constant poster of the last year. My participation usually occurs during breaks of my classes, so it can become more sporadic at times. However, Nicholas was constant and I was sad to see him go. Scoop is perhaps the last man standing of the old gang. In fact, I think part of him still treads on in hopes of the return of those who have long left.

In 2019, The arrival and era of the atheist commenters have commenced. I’m familiar with most of them from other blogs and they have been frustrating at times; however, in some sense, I see them as valuable contributors to this blog, something that I may not have said in years past. However, they break us out of our echo-chamber to hear the skepticism of the age nonetheless. In fact, a lot of my previous work, I’ve adjusted and reviewed due to their contributions–even God’s grace continues to work despite their best efforts. What has their arrival produced? Since 2013 there has been a decline in views of the blog; however, at the end of 2019, this is the first year that the blog has seen a surplus in views, I cannot see the raw numbers, but I am sure that their presence has led to an uptick in numbers.

I am one of the newer participates of this blog, but due to the exodus after 2016, I have been made one of the old dogs. One of my hopes in this new year is that the blog can come away from a more pessimistic approach to Church current events–oftentimes with the Catholic Church and the pontificate of Pope Francis, and a return to the theological topics of the faith and its historic claims. My hope is such a renewal will lead to a return of the old and perhaps some new participates will arise to this platform.

Thank You for your participation at All Along the Watchtower. Please come and join us here.