Well, I’ve been listening to the Media and the faithful who are listening to the Amazonian Synodal Cardinals who are listening to the Amazonian savages who, in turn, are listening to Mother Earth. And I presume Mother Earth is listening to a pantheon of gods and goddesses that are screaming out to us and to which we owe our complete attention: the god of trees, rocks, rivers, seas, birds, animals, insects or what have you.

So now that they have listened, what exactly did they hear? Anything of relevance to religion? Are we to compromise the Words of Christ or the words of Mother Church to the words of animistic tribesmen and their primitive beliefs regarding the planet and the gods that dwell therein? I hear nothing but the same Germanic foolishness that swept through Vatican II and now has invaded the Amazonian forests. In other words, what exactly was left unsaid by Christ and the Church that we now must learn from savages how to live our lives and structure our Church? How are we going to alter our worship and praise of the One True God? How are we to change our defined truths or water down and incorporate tribal ‘truths’ of a primitive culture into the Church Christ founded? What happened to our teaching that when the last apostle died, revelation ceased?

The Germans it seems to me have had itching ears for a very long time and long for new revelations, teachings, practices and beliefs. They don’t much care for the Church that Christ founded and was led by the Holy Spirit to blossom organically as it marches through history. They want to return to the pagans we all were before God began revealing himself to man; pre-Judaic life . . . a life of little gods of the earth and its creatures; fertility gods and war gods and the long history of myths that have circulated from the dawn of time.

Perhaps the sanest thing that we could do is to send all of the German Church to the Amazon to form a new Church and while they listen to the people of the earth we can return to listening to God, Holy Mother Church and the entire Communion of Saints.

Then perhaps we could get back to the business of saving of souls and the Germans and their new pagan friends can go fishing, dancing, and carousing without being condemned or locked up in Western culture for their perversions of morality and just about every other sick idea that has popped into their brains. But sadly it won’t happen as long as they hold the purse as Judas did.

Perhaps this is the real agenda: https://thefederalist.com/2019/10/08/the-catholic-churchs-amazon-synod-is-exploitation-of-the-poor-masquerading-as-the-opposite/