Comprehensive Sexuality Education: This  is the link to the video . . . here.

Where in God’s name is the opposition to this outrage? Where are the Catholics, Anglicans, Methodists, Baptists, Evangelicals and their leaders? Where are the leaders of our countries and their Ambassadors to the UN?

The people who are pushing this rot and destroying the lives of our children should be rotting in jail before they rot in hell which is probably their final destination.

For me, as a Catholic, I ask where is the Pope and where is the USCCB on these issues? Are they too busy worrying about climate change and the invasion of illegals who are destroying our cultures,while saving the planet and giving our children over to satan and the loss of their souls? Where are the homilies and the action groups pushing to oust these monsters and jail them for the damage that is being done to the souls of our children? This is child abuse at its worst and nobody cares and nobody knows about it and it gets worse every year.

God forgive us.