The following prayer is controversial.  I ask those of you who believe in what is written to write “Amen” in the comments below (and anything else positive and supporting, should you wish – including further prayers). I was inspired to write this by a recent piece at NEO and some prophetic words shared at Richard’s Watch.

Heavenly Father,

May Your holy Name be exalted throughout the earth. We acknowledge that these are times of trial and change. We seek to discern your will and purpose in this change. We confess that we have not always been diligent in prayer, confession, or repentance. May we, by Your Spirit and the ministry of Your Son, Jesus Christ, grow closer to You. May we learn Your will and delight in it. May that delight turn into co-operation with and service to You.

We pray for our political leaders, President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Boris Johnson. We declare that these are men chosen by You for such an hour as this, men with anointings, after the fashion of Cyrus, David, and Esther. We acknowledge the spiritual heritage of our nations and thee links these men have with You through baptism, confirmation, and other rites and practices. We thank You that You have placed Christians in the circles of acquaintance around these men. We pray that these leaders will grow close to You and have a saving, transformational faith in Jesus the Messiah. May You place wisdom and courage in these men’s hearts and minds. May You give them the power and authority from Christ to perform Your will.

We ask that through these men and other servants of Yours You will reform Your Church in the United States of America and the United Kingdom, and reform our nations as a whole in every respect: socially, economically, legally, politically, culturally, and spiritually – in every context: the individual, the family, the business, the association, the church, and the state.

We ask that You will deliver our nations from dangerous liaisons with other nations, individuals, and groups, through Brexit and other processes. We ask that You would raise up our nations to resist the coming Antichrist, Mystery Babylon, and all the spiritual and human forces of wickedness. We ask that through revival in our countries You would increase our missionary roles to the rest of the world, and through true Christian unity, would make Your Church around the world one in itself and with You.

We ask that You would encourage and help us to bless Your people Israel, including witness to the truth that Jesus of Nazareth is their God and Messiah. May You open the eyes of Israel and preserve a righteous remnant through the time of Jacob’s Trouble, as You promised through the Prophets and through Your Son, Jesus the Messiah.

Grant us this day a fresh zeal for Your presence and for transformation, that we might dwell in Your throne room and pray in truth and power, believing with faith, hope, and love, in You and Your Kingdom. Grant us rest, revelation, and renewed purpose and vision.

In the name of Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords, in whom You are pleased to let Your fullness, power, and authority dwell, we ask these things.