But is it? I am more of the opinion that ignorance is complacency and a defeatist satisfaction in being indifferent to that which resides outside of one’s safe space or comfort zone. It is by far the easiest of worlds to live in and there is a much broader  sphere of like-“thinking” folks to surround oneself with. In other words it is easier to take the blue pill and assure oneself that you, being the majority, are ready and willing to follow the lemmings that march in locked step toward their own inevitable end in life.

But to seek reality as it is with an insatiable desire to seek Truth no matter where it leads, though it may cause discomfort or make one unpopular or even derided in one’s life is the only way to find True and Everlasting Bliss. For bliss is happiness and joy that can only be imagined by those who realize that it cannot be fabricated by public opinion and must be found within objective truth with the hope that in Truth, Justice, Mercy that a lasting joy might be found. 

One may live comfortably or one can live with hope and anticipation that is beyond temporal delights; seeking something more precious than riches and the happiness of this world; something far beyond the temporal but instead rooted in that which resides, in tact, beyond the boundaries of space and time. It is our eternal goal not just a placation to be embraced from day to day – a happy-go-lucky existence that is indifferent to controversies, inaccuracies and novel ideas that run contrary to reason. Such a life is a life that signifies nothing. To reject that for reality no matter the results are the brave who reject the cowards insatiable desire for comfort. And these folks are those, in Matrix-speech, have embarked on the road of taking the red-pill.

Who do you want to be? Comfortable and complacent in your ignorance which is made up of a non-existent utopian world where all is right  in the world? Or do you have the fortitude that comes with the uncomfortable truths that disturb our peace of mind but allows us to see that which is True . . . following logic to its conclusion no matter the consequences? 

We do have a choice . . . and it is becoming increasingly clear that fewer people prefer to live their lives for objective reality than those who would prefer a life of ignorant complacency rather than find the bravery to confront that which is not true.

Questions for us all to think about.

  1. Do we value free speech or have we now succumbed to the siren’s voice that offers us free stuff and peace at the expense of freedom of thought?
  2. Are we comfortable with the loss of our rights as our ‘democracies’ begin to look more and more like banana republic dictatorships where free speech is banned and hate speech is determined by a dictatorial regime that pushes their own agenda?
  3. Are we quick to accept every excuse given as way to placate us, for obvious, objective wrongs?
  4. Is all right in the world . . . as long as we are content in the message that 2+2 no longer equals 4? 
  5. If, like cattle most of the people are bullied into a false set of ideas that we are constantly being fed, are we simply letting ourselves get swept downstream to the bottomless ocean where there is no hope for rescue?
  6. Is this condition that we wish to live and die by? 
  7. Is this the freedom and liberty for which men have given their lives for; the future that given us by their sacrifices?

And sadly, today is a letter, that should shame the UK for their rapid departure from a democratic nation which used to defend free speech. Why such a letter even needs to be sent is warning enough. Though the UK will defend murderous aliens who hate the country and all other religions (and they are protected) while the people who would defend or would like to fight this war by mere dialogue and words are banned from Britain. I leave you with the latest letter from Michael Savage’s lawyer to Boris Johnson. I fear you have lost your freedom and liberty and I have little hope that freedom will be restored without violence. I do hope that I am wrong . . . as this totalitarianism is beginning to sweep throughout the civilized world.




Dear Prime Minister Johnson,

I am writing you to petition for redress of a grave injustice.

On May 5, 2009, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith published a list of individuals to be banned from entering the United Kingdom owing to their posing a threat of some kind to the people of your country.

Amongst the terrorists and other undesirables on the list were two individuals of upstanding character and accomplishment . One of them, Geert Wilder of the Netherlands, managed to have his name removed through a formal process undertaken that year.

The other, Dr. Michael Savage of the United States of America, is still on that list. You wrote in response to that announcement:

“America still has a constitutional protection of free speech, and I have been amazed … to see how few people in this country are willing to stick up for that elementary principle … a country once famous for free speech is now hysterically and expensively sensitive to anything that could be taken as a slight.”

And writing in The Guardian, Catherine Bennett stated: The Guardian, “The ban on Savage is so far from being a comprehensible act, so staggeringly capricious and stupid, as to defy evaluation.”

Dr. Savage has been President Trump’s frequent guest at the White House, it is anomalous that he is banned from your house, the entirety of Great Britain.

The ban has stood in place for a decade. Now is the time to lift the ban and take a stand for the rights of free speech that have come under assault in the land of the Magna Carta.


Daniel Horowitz, Attorney