An update from Dr Timothy Furnish:

The Occidental Jihadist

Three months ago, I started writing regularly for The Stream, a conservative and ecumenically Christian site “championing freedom, smaller government and human dignity.”  Since my banishment from Facebook, some folks may not realize that I’m doing so–hence the posting, here, of my articles to date:

6.27.19: “Will Islam Breed and Bomb its Way to Global Dominance?

6.18.19: “Luther Writes Once Again on the War against Islam

6.7.19: “Contain Iran, Don’t Invade It

5.4.19: “Trumps Policies Toward The Islamic World Are A Triumph

4.20.19: “Louis Farrakhan on the Crescent and the Crucifixion

4.19.19: “The Dhimmi and the Virgin: The Future of Notre Dame

4.8.19: “ISIS Is Not a Dead Parrot

3.24.19: “Making Golan Israeli At Last

3.20.19: “Mohammed’s Koran: The Book Amazon Won’t Let You Buy.”

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