George Pickering at The Mises Institute has a useful article on the Tory leadership contest. Many hope that Steve Baker will join the contest or play a prominent and influential role in a future government. He appears to be one of the few Conservative MPs (perhaps the only one at present) with true Austrian economics credentials. I recommend visiting The Cobden Centre for an indication of his thinking. See also this interview.

Meanwhile, the hubbub raised over the fate of the NHS has muddied the waters over what was actually said (and intended) during interviews given by President Trump on his state visit to the UK. These videos will hopefully clarify matters. †††

The NHS is certainly in need of reform: few would dispute that. But the nation is divided over what should be done to improve the quality of both its service and working conditions for staff. Options discussed include:

  • Complete privatisation;
  • Partial privatisation;
  • Partial payment for services (looking to Sweden or Japan for inspiration);
  • Cutting of non-essential services; and
  • Increasing state funding.

Added to the confusion created by different ideological perspectives is the complexity of the system itself, which will affect attempts to reform the system. Local trusts mean, as far as I can tell, that the system might not be as uniform as one might think.

There are also differences facilitated by devolution (Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland), which affect the unitary harmony of the nation. For years there has been discontent amongst the English over services provided in other parts of the UK, but not in England, that appear to be funded (partially) by English tax payers’ money. The obscurity of our funding system means it is not easy to obtain facts on this matter; the emotional outrage connected with it makes it hard to treat the matter objectively.

Lastly, as a clarion call to intercessors, watchmen, prophets, seers, preachers, and evangelists, I would point out the danger the UK is in regarding ungodly control of its key institutions. I would beseech you to pray for God to show us what must be done, including the means by which power can be transferred to those who are worthy to wield it.