Today I would like to share with you another video from Joel Richardson’s “The Underground”. I have followed Joel’s ministry for a number of years and find him to be an excellent role model concerning studying and teaching the Bible. He demonstrates caution and respect for the principles of virtue epistemology.

This episode is appropriate given the remembrance of the Exodus at Passover and Easter. At this time in history, it behoves us to consider the “Second Exodus”. I am looking forward to reading Joel’s upcoming book on this topic. The Altar of Burnt Offering has been recreated in Israel, and President Trump’s peace plan, yet to be unveiled, is expected to involve bolder pro-Israel provisions than previous peace plans.

We cannot be certain about the import of such developments until more information is divulged. However, prima facie, they could be significant. For that reason, I would like to recommend two books (both available on Kindle) that I have found to be helpful in relating biblical eschatology to the practicalities of living as a Christian.

When Jesus Returns, by David Pawson

Antichrist before the Day of the Lord, by Alan Kurshner

Both of these books are sober explorations of eschatology, designed to give the reader clarity and encouragement and warning concerning the end times. They show fidelity to the tone and purpose of eschatological passages in the bible. Like Joel Richardson’s writings, they show caution and respect for methodical, rigorous exegesis. They are not “fringe” or fanciful – a Christian should be proud to have read, pondered, and applied these books.

Joel Richardson’s sincerity and Christian ethic led me to investigate Alan Kurshner’s ministry in an open-minded manner. Antichrist before the Day of Lord led me to reject the pre-tribulational, dispensationalist doctrine I had learned and accept the pre-wrath position.