Today I would like to draw your attention to two articles concerning Sir Roger Scruton (courtesy of Triablogue).

The first appears in New Statesman America:

The second appear in The Spectator and is written by Sir Roger Scruton himself as a corrective to the misrepresentation he alleges New Statesman America made of his attitudes and views:

Misinterpretation and misrepresentation are nothing new. However, the scale we are facing today poses a grave threat not only to conservatism, but to freedom of thought and expression in all their forms. For this reason, many patrons of the internet are making use of apps that allow them to comment on any website, free of control by the thought police.

Trust has become increasingly important in the West when it comes to sharing views prohibited by the establishment elite. The police investigation of Caroline Farrow, combined with years of arresting street preachers for alleged breaches of public order, has made even the most optimistic evangelicals nervous.

The UK is at a critical junction. If it continues along the dark path it is currently treading, the judgment of heaven will fall heavily on the nation at the return of Christ. Our nation will be as the apostate, idolatrous northern state of Israel in the days of Ahab and Jezebel.

If, through the grace of God, revival comes, and national repentance occurs, there will be much work to ready us for the return of Christ. The constitution, the media, our financial and economic systems, our educational system, the NHS, and our general culture will all need to be reformed – and in short order. Can such a miracle occur? With God, all things are possible.