Sometimes here and over at NEO, Jordan Peterson is discussed. He is very popular among conservatives and libertarians as a voice of philosophical scepticism and open-mindedness. However, his Jungian stance, if I understand his position correctly, is not up to the task of grappling with spiritual evil in the world.

Recently, while visiting Liberty University, he had an encounter with a young man who cried out to him for help. It was discussed this week on Anglican Unscripted, by Messrs Kallsen, Conger, and Ashenden. They drew attention to the fact that the maxims offered by Mr Peterson seemed to have little power to address the turmoil in this young man’s soul, whereas prayer appeared to be effective. Whether the young man was demonised or not is unclear – but the grace of God, embodied in the person of Jesus Christ, is what we all need.

Humanity is involved in a spiritual war. The spiritual quality of this war, while unseen much of the time in the empiricist West, is likely to become more apparent as the end times progress. As God brings miracles of the Kingdom to His Church, so the enemy will produce diabolical wonders of its own, which he will use to empower the Man of Sin (2 Thessalonians 2; Matthew 24; Revelation 13).

In an age of deception and wonders, it is imperative that Christians be able to explain why the message behind the miracle is more important than the miracle itself, which serves as a sign. The False Prophet may call fire down from heaven, in the style of Elijah, but he speaks with the words of the Dragon. We know the Dragon’s strategies: seduction on the one hand, oppression on the other. The Dragon is a sower of discord, chaos, and misery. Christ said that the truth was not in him.

We must prepare for the coming events, understand their significance, and explain them to those who will listen. This year could be important: the Israeli elections and proposed peace plan, along with events in Europe, may produce unusual geopolitical events. God may also do wonders in the heavens above and on the earth beneath. Let us minister to men’s souls, preaching the Good News of Christ’s victory and His return to usher in the new age.