I have not been able to write here for a little while. The turmoil over Brexit, combined with other things going on, made it hard to write. On Friday, the day that should have been Brexit Day – but was not – I was very weary and depressed.

The next day, I attended an Anglo-American wedding, and I felt my strength renewed. It was almost as if God breathed a new breath into me. I still find myself somewhat subdued and occupied with other things, but this wedding did much to give me rest and a candle of hope for the future.

The wedding struck me as a sign – a sign that the schemes of the enemy cannot hinder the closer union between the United Kingdom and the United States of America that God intends. Dividing the UK from the USA has been one of the Enemy’s tactics in his dark war against us, along with his war against the nation state, Christendom, the family, capitalism, objectivity, and Truth.

As President Trump comes out from the dark plots that have been arrayed against him, there is hope for the recovery of the USA. In the UK, I take the vote of no confidence against Dominic Grieve as another sign that God is in control.

Veronika West brought a Lazarus word about Brexit and the nation earlier this year. It seemed also to be connected to the death of a member of the royal family and the birth of a child to Prince Harry and his wife, the Duchess of Sussex. But it also looks to apply to the Brexit process itself. At the moment the true Brexit, the Brexit we voted for, looks dead – killed by conspiracy and intrigue. But Christ raised Lazarus four days after his death, and He can bring Brexit back and raise the UK itself from its spiritual death.

I AM the resurrection and the life. He that believeth in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. He that liveth and believeth in Me shall never die. -John’s Gospel

Now, when things are darkest, we need hope and faith all the more. Christ still loves us, Christ still wants the best for us. At this turning of the seasons, in the rebirth of Spring, with Easter not far away, I choose to believe that Christ will restore my country, and bring my country closer to her kinsman, the USA.