The USA and UK are fighting for the survival of their common civilizational heritage. The USA has a longer period in which to effect a vital recovery, but that period is not indefinite. Even if the UK can make a success of Brexit and President Trump can get re-elected, there will be opposition to the reforms that are necessary to bring health back to our nations.

The Golden Rule, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Matthew 7:12), is the basis for true social harmony. This basis is under attack. The extreme divisions in our societies are destroying common courtesy, empathy, and reciprocity. When the Left continually makes demands of conservatives, but offers nothing in return, it becomes clear that their aim is not to create a modus vivendi between two parts of society. Their aim is to grind down conservative opposition until it disappears through capitulation or destruction at the hands of the state.

The ultimate goal of this infernal warfare is the suppression and destruction of God’s covenant people, Israel and the Church. The UK and the USA have strong traditions of missionary work, laws framed by reference to Biblical principles, commitment to scientific excellence, and good old-fashioned horse sense.

Our shared Anglo-heritage, which extends to various peoples of the Commonwealth, is about more than material prosperity. Material prosperity is a product of old virtues that were forged by the peculiar conditions that prevailed in the United Kingdom (and the separate kingdoms before unification), and which, in the fullness of time, the British peoples brought to various colonies. A society that is materially prosperous without the strong underlying values necessary to produce it, is liable to find itself hollow and corrupt.

Today we find our societies split between those who know and love the old heritage – we might call them “true born sons” or “heirs of the patrimony” – and those who are “strangers” to the national heritage, whether they share its blood or not. This estrangement is the product of various processes: immigration, multiculturalism, educational decline, poor theology and exegesis, and foreign rule.

Such departure from our heritage has created open divisions in our society. It can be cured only by conversion to Christ. He is the only true source of unity in this world, because truth is a necessary condition of unity, and He is the Truth. Those who love the Truth, love Him; those who hate the Truth, hate Him.

The preservation of the Anglosphere heritage depends upon Christian revival. It is not enough to receive a competent description of the good aspects of our heritage. Nor is it enough to intellectually grasp the principles, origins, and application of those principles. One must give whole hearted approval and assent to them. That is an aesthetic judgment, not an epistemological one. Tasting of the good product of such principles is certainly part of converting to them. Indeed, the “red pill” movement and “walk away” movement show some aspects of such conversion. But the process comes to its summit in Christ, and it is through Christ that we gain a true love of the good aspects of other nations and cultures, such that our Anglo-heritage sits alongside them in harmony in true love and respect.