The vicissitudes of this week have made it difficult for me to contribute to the blog. I am neither a seer nor a prophet, so I do not feel particularly qualified to comment on precisely how God is acting in the world at present. Various prophetic words that I have been reading or watching may or may not harmonise, and the fulfilment of some may not have happened yet. This time certainly is a trial for our discernment, faith, and hope.

I continue to desire that my nation would exit the European Union, and that it would experience constitutional, economic, cultural, and religious reform. We live in an age of anxiety. It feels as if the Devil is a boa constrictor, tightening his coils on every aspect of our lives, so that we cannot breathe. The spiritual battle for the deliverance of our nation is real.

There are multiple levels to this battle: the UK against the EU; Parliament divided against itself; Parliament against the people; and Christian against Christian as some continue to espouse the metanarrative put forward by Remainers. Unless one is in a solidly Brexit prayer group, it can feel awkward to pray out loud for God to bring us out of the EU and reform our land.

While I understand the desire of Christians to ensure that we do not compromise Kingdom principles for the sake of our political commitments, I cannot accept many of the sweeping statements that are made in this regard, seemingly in an attempt to silence Christians who lean towards a more Thatcherite or 19th century view of politics and economics. If there are such things as Right and Wrong, and if they are grounded in the reason of God and the way in which He designed our world, and if they apply to every aspect of our lives – then (with the addition of other premises) it follows that we can formulate a framework to guide our understanding of what governments should and should not do.

I often think in images – perhaps as a product of years of literary study and reading metaphorical language in the Bible. It seems to me that our country has become a machine with too many gears grinding against each other – gridlock. Unless various gears are removed and others cleaned and oiled, the machine will do no one any good. These gears grinding against each other are the clash of ideologies and interests that divide our land and our churches. On the one hand are those who, to varying degrees, would make the State our one true Shepherd. On the other hand are those who would have the Lord God as our Shepherd.

At present, there is a restraining force in the world that keeps the Antichrist from rising. There will come a time when the restraining force is removed and the Man of Sin is unveiled, taking his seat in the Temple of God. As we look on the sickness of our nation, familiar in its recapitulation of the stasis in the times of Richard II and Charles I, many of us, myself included, feel called to pray by what light of revelation we have for transformation.

A) That a new constitution would be born in this land to curb the spread of evil and foster liberty and prosperity.

B) That Christians would find deeper fellowship with God and with each other.

C) That, as in the days of Oliver Cromwell, this land would extend hands of fellowship and blessing to the Children of Israel.


  1. I do not expect that all people who read this blog will share my longing for the rebuilding of the Temple in Israel, but if you do, please leave a prayer/decree comment to that effect in the comments below.
  2. I would recommend reading Richard Barker’s blog for his anthology of Brexit-related prophetic words.