Tarkovsky’s classic, Andrei Rublev, based on the life of the famed Russian icon painter, is perfect viewing for Lent or Holy Saturday. Set during Russia’s medieval period, the film takes us on a Romans Road, showing human depravity and pointing to God’s grace as the only solution to our consuming wickedness. This slow, masterful film, is wonderful for meditation: whether you agree with the thoughts presented or not, the film will help you to ponder the deep spiritual matters of our salvation.

Sobriety in its broadest sense is an important part of the Christian life. We have an age of glory ahead and tastes of that Kingdom now; but still, this is the valley of tears until Christ sits upon His throne in Jerusalem. God calls us to love our fellow man. Agape in the East, caritas in the West – the compassionate love of God tells us to submit ourselves to God’s discipline, until the image of Christ emerges from our hard, selfish hearts.

An online petition has been started, requesting the Prime Minister to advise Her Majesty to prorogue Parliament until April 2, in order to prevent Parliament from betraying the Brexit vote. You must be a UK citizen in order to sign the petition. 10,000 signatures are required in order to compel the government to consider the proposal.

It remains unclear whether this option will be exercised before Brexit day. There is a great battle in the heavenly realm of prayer and on earth over Brexit. The enemy would like to see Brexit frustrated.

Archbishop Cranmer has written a piece on Church of England Brexit prayers that is worth reading. Increasingly, many Christians in the UK are feeling uneasy about the Church of England and certain other Protestant denominations. If revival is to take place here, it must surely happen outside of the control and manipulation of officials who oppose the will of God.

We may yet see greater moves towards independent churches of various formats (including house churches), and towards prayer gatherings. Prayer must be at the centre of what we do: without God’s direction, we may not know the way to go; without God’s power, we will not be effective in our mission.

Conservatism speaks to an anchor. The abhorrence, the deep angst that conservatives feel today is a reaction to the great chaos released upon the world. Chaos is the work of the enemy, that fleeing dragon, Leviathan (see scholarly work on the chaoskampf motif in the Bible).

You can see videos from 2019’s CPAC over at NEO’s site. Conservatism is a call to preserve what ought to be preserved, even as we accept changes in the way we do things. It is not to be confused with being a reactionary (“semper eadem”). We must fight to preserve our heritage, even as we seek various reforms and new approaches – because, if we do not occupy the positions of protection, the enemy will fill them with tyrants.