I am on the record as believing that President Trump is a Cyrus-like figure. He had the courage to move the American embassy to Jerusalem, recognising the city as the capital of Israel. Actions of such significance on behalf of God’s people and God’s covenants seldom go unchallenged by the powers of darkness. Today Richard’s Watch shared a prophetic word from Veronika West about the spiritual assault on the President. I advise any reader to always weigh a prophetic word, regardless of the source. Nevertheless, the basic premise of Veronika’s post should be uncontroversial – there is a spiritual war against the current President.

The Abortion Front

This President favours a Supreme Court that tends towards originalism or conservatism. This kind of jurisprudence is an enemy of the pro-abortion lobby for two reasons. Firstly, it returns the question of abortion to the States’ legislatures. A number of States are controlled by conservative politicians, which means that in those States, abortion would face restrictions or become entirely illegal.

Secondly, interpreting the Constitution in its original context could lead to the conclusion that the right to life includes the right of unborn babies to life. The Constitution comes from a time when abortion was generally viewed as a barbaric act. Christians in Europe and America were ashamed of the actions of their ancestors during the Roman Empire. If anyone obtained an abortion, she would certainly not speak publicly about it. By consensus across the Protestant and Catholic communities, a foetus was held to be an unborn child. Even among those who held that ensoulment occurred after conception, the time of ensoulment was still considered to be very early in the pregnancy (see ecclesiastical law). As a supporter of the pro-life cause, this President faces the opposition not only of liberal humans, but of the powers of darkness that revel in the sacrifice of the unborn.

National Defence

President Trump is a patriot. He believes in Americans’ right to national sovereignty and national defence. He believes that invasion in its various forms is not only an assault on the American people, but on the culture, traditions, history, and philosophy that they represent. America is fighting a civil war and a foreign war to protect her way of life. If the America that we know and love were to end, the world would be a different place. There would be less resistance to the evils that characterise our present age: relativism; death cults; hedonism; paganism; and statism.

America is not a perfect nation: she has made a number of errors on the foreign policy front. But she has been a staunch ally and a supporter of liberty – the mistakes that she made under the Neocons were made in an attempt to promote liberty. The City on a Hill is a bastion, a place of refuge for those who would preserve what ought to be preserved. Amidst the madness of our materialistic age, America is the great paradox: the source of wealth and goods, and the voice that says life is not just about our material possessions. In opposing those who seek to invade America in order to obtain wealth, the President is making the point that being a Westerner, and specifically an Anglo one, is not about drinking cola and watching sports on a flat screen television. If you have those things, but no respect for the rule of law, the principle of individual responsibility, or the dignity of labour, you are not a true Westerner.

The Temple

Source close to the President suggest that he would like Jerusalem to become, as Isaiah said, a house of prayer for all nations. He may well be a supporter of the plan to rebuild the Temple, which is the promised House of prayer. This recognition of Jewish rights to prayer and worship on the Temple Mount puts the President at odds with the Palestinian and wider Islamic agenda.

The Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque and the Waqf’s control of the Temple Mount represent a spiritual challenge to the God of Israel. If worship of the God of Israel were to be re-established on the Temple Mount, then that would be a sign that the times of the Gentiles were coming to an end and the imprisonment of Satan drawing near.

Pray for the President: he faces great challenges and he is still a human being, capable of mistakes and failings. May God bless and guide the President and grant him boldness to do what is just.