Bergoglio Blesses Dictator Maduro of Venezuela

It seems that Bergoglio has never found a non-Catholic position on issues relating to governance or moral precepts that he doesn’t like and support. Take for instance the following:

  1. Support for LGBTQ’s and homosexual clergy (as long as they are not abusing our youth).
  2. Support for regimes and prominent left wing politicians who are pro-death.
  3. Support for all socialists, communists and other radical regimes.
  4. Support for the globalist elites and their agendas: including increased contraception and abortion, global warming, redistribution of resources to the poor and the confiscation and redistribution of money and goods from the wealthy.
  5. Working hand and glove with the UN Sustainability Goals which includes abortion and contraception as part of their solution: a move to save the planet and ignore the saving of souls.
  6. Social work promoted above the spiritual aspects of the Faith.
  7. “Sins below the belt” are the least serious. Though Our Lady of Fatima said that more people end up in hell due to these sins than any other . . . and, of course, how would the hierarchy of mortal sin matter if you should die with these sins on your soul? Those mortal sins which remain unconfessed at the hour of death will earn you the same fate: eternal hellfire. So now they are unimportant?

It seems the new focus of Bergoglio is political and social rather than religious and salvific for the very sheep he was elected to lead on their path to eternal beatitude.

Venezuela’s collapse, the selling of the Catholic Church to the Chinese State and the support of the globalist elites and morally destitute seem not be enough to dissuade our Church from following these disastrous programs. And lets not forget his support for the wolves that attack Western Culture, especially the invasion of Islam, who hate Jews and Christians, square with his responsibility to protect his sheep? Is the so-called Pope simply a hireling of the worst type; taking sides with the wolves amongst us and ignoring the slaughter of his flock?

There are many other moves that have been made since Bergoglio assumed this office that could be mentioned but do any of them have anything to do with Church Teaching or Gospel teaching? It appears counter-intuitive. The Following article gives us some additional information as to what our true social teaching should be:

This is a companion piece to today’s excellent post from NEO at his site: