A liberal thinks that they stand on high moral ground for allowing anybody to enter our country and become a citizen; regardless of the harm that it causes to the country and the economy of its people. Criminals are ignored, as is the transport of drugs, terrorists and even human traffickers. So walls are immoral and they love to speak about building bridges as though that is some lofty moral mantra that makes those against their liberality seem to be intolerant dolts.

On the other hand. they seem to say that the living wall of a woman’s womb, is up to the individual woman as to whether that wall is able to be breeched at birth or if they will kill the ‘illegal alien’ before it sticks its head out into their private world. And this physical wall of the womb is not even a wall to prevent the child from entering this world but it is a natural protection of the child that is too small to live outside the womb until it has gained sufficient strength to survive in this cruel environment. It is designed to be both porous and a place to nourish and protect the baby until they biologically ready to be birthed.

But alas, liberals claim to have a right to get outraged if you call an illegal alien an’illegal alien’ simply because they are from another country (an alien) and enter without the express wishes of the country being violated (illegal). And conversely, they are not upset by referring to a child in utero as a fetus or a clump of cells (a seeming insult to human dignity). And further, they think they have a constitutional right to kill that baby if they wish. It it a woman’s ‘right’ you know. But woe to the rights of the people of our country who want secure borders from foreign invading hordes who get a wink and a nod as they pander for their future votes.

If a sea turtle’s eggs have more rights than does a human baby in the womb and an illegal alien who may do us harm as a country and as a society has more rights as well, then count me out of such an upside down world that calls these points of view logical and moral. They are neither.

I guess that is why I am a conservative.