It seems appropriate to review the purposes of this blog as a community, including both contributors and readers. This is still the beginning of what will prove to be an important year, and it is my personal desire that this place will continue to grow and see a renewed fire in the hearts of those touched by it, a fire that will give them the energy to interact with the Kingdom in the spirit of children of God.

This blog was begun by Jess, who retired from running and contributing to it. I am sure all of us who had any contact with her are grateful to her for founding this place and consistently exercising a spirit of charity and truthfulness. Her departure was a sad moment – but we all wished her well in her new focus and endeavours.

Chalcedon took over management of the blog from Jess, and he still maintains control. Owing to the busy nature of his work, he is unable to write here as frequently as in times past. Consequently, the day-to-day job of providing posts has been spread among other contributors. While we are not always able to have a daily post, owing to our own personal duties and commitments, we have tried to post frequently here. I give thanks to Scoop and NEO for the parts they have played in supplying this blog with posts and interesting discussion.

It seems to me, however, that we are due for a reassessment of the purpose(s) of this blog: what it is for and how we can better serve the Kingdom in this virtual place. Much of the material on this blog has been concerned with secular politics, politics within the Church, and the interaction between the Church and the world. We have looked at Church history, and at important contributors to Church theology. We have also been quite personal at times, growing as a community and occasionally discussing our personal devotional lives and moral struggles. The love and companionship of this place is found not only in our discussions, but also in our private prayer lives, and I am personally thankful to all of you who have prayed for me, whether about career changes, identity issues, or my broader walk with the Lord. These things are all good, and should not cease – but perhaps we need to seek some clarity of purpose.

This blog has a varied audience, which is why, as a Christian blog, it ought to serve a range of purposes. For non-Christians, it ought to present the Good News about Jesus Christ in a simple, clear format and, if possible, recommend next steps and resources for people who want to find out more or who decide to follow Jesus. Without the permissions to edit the layout of the blog, my way forward on this point is limited for the time being. Ideally, I would like to place some appropriate tabs in the top banner and side bars to meet the needs of this audience.

As for those who are Christians, the pressing needs of these end times require us to focus on certain matters in our efforts to prepare for the return of our Lord. There will necessarily be an overlap between the needs of this audience and those of the former, because the return of Christ is part of the Good News. In particular, the following matters weigh on my heart, and I hope that some of the contributors and readers feel the same way.

  • It would by good to explain why this world must end and the reign of Christ begin.
  • We need to get more specific about how a righteous government under Christ would look in comparison with how the world is governed today (economics, etc put in the context of morality).
  • We need to go deeper in unity, looking more and more at why and how Christians from different denominations can love each other and rally around Christ as our focal point.
  • The question of whether all believers will get to participate in the millennial reign of Christ ought to be discussed: if it is contingent upon our maturity, then the discussion of our growth and sanctification becomes pressing.
  • The return of Christ is closer than many – perhaps most – in the Church realise. In order to prepare for this in faith, we must first wholeheartedly accept this proposition, on the basis of Scripture, observation, and revelation.

Lastly, it is my desire that this place would become a fellowship where our individual gifts and talents can be put to greater use. As a non-physical gathering, it will not be a forum for some kinds of activity, but I believe we can seek the Lord in prayer for how this principle from 1 Corinthians can be implemented here, and we can pray for each other and email each other regarding the use of our abilities out there in the “real world”. I do believe the kind of supplementary fellowship we have here can strengthen our contributions to our local church communities.

God bless and look up – for your redemption draws near.