Today, as an adjunct to a post over at NEO, I’m sharing another Anglican Unscripted video, this one on the question of ISIS in Iraq.

I make no comment about what should be done on the foreign policy and military levels except to repeat what I have often said: Turkey bears watching. Turkey features prominently in end times discussions these days, thanks to the influence of writers like Joel Richardson. Interpretation of apocalyptic and prophetic passages is notoriously difficult and controversial, but no one can deny that many of the territories mentioned in Ezekiel 38-39 are in modern-day Turkey.

Father Argo’s comment on charity is another important point to take from this video: much giving, including to Christian charities, never reaches its intended recipients. For this reason, it seems wise to properly research charities before making donations, giving only where one is certain the money will be used properly.

It is important to remember that a great deal of oil passes through the Middle East. I am not a “prepper” (at least in the physical sense), but I think it is wise for people to be aware that we could experience economic problems consequent on wars in the Middle East. That is not to say we should become fixated on the problem – only that we should not let the shock of such a possible event overwhelm us. Those are times when we must attempt calm thought, looking to God for guidance and strength.

The high point of this interview is the discussion of dreams and visions, followed by Bible study and discipleship. This is an important reminder that our God will do whatever it takes to reach us: He loves us and wants the best for us. As we look to revival, seeking God in prayer, let us draw on these testimonies for strength, perseverance, and inspiration.