“Rich man, poor man, Beggar man, thief, Doctor, lawyer, Indian chief.” 


“Narcissist, Feminist, Wiccan in Chief, Globalist, Marxist and Papal Thief.”


He keeps us guessing doesn’t  he? Kissing muslim feet on Holy Thursday, cozying up to Jeffrey Sachs and the Italian abortionist, hugging a defrocked gay priest and his new male “marriage partner”, covering for Uncle Ted McCarrick, silence on the dubia and the sex scandals, annihilation of souls etc. etc. etc.

And of course we had the lovely crucifix on the hammer and sickle routine and now we have the Pope at the Youth Synod carrying around a Wiccan stang instead of a crozier and saying Mass with that occult item as well. Is there anything this man will not do to scandalize the faithful?

See these links:

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Wiccan Stang Given to Antipope Bergoglio By Woman Wearing Wiccan Red String Bracelet



What is that? #Synod2018 – UPDATED – EXPLAINED and EXPLAINED MORE


Is this another completely innocent thing that he is being unjustly accused about? Hmmm . . . I wonder what everybody thinks about this.