I just passed a sign in a store window that says, “No Vacancy for Hate.” Well, I thought, that’s a little less righteous than similar messages in front lawns and restaurant portals: “Hate Is Not Welcome Here,” “Hate Is Not a Family Value,” and other censures of the number one sin in America at the present time.

By “hate,” of course, the posters don’t mean anything as general as that. They don’t even target the actual feeling of hate. They have in mind a less visceral trait, certain religious and social beliefs that cross the progressive line. Organizations that purport to monitor hate in America—Southern Poverty Law Center, Human Rights Campaign, and others—regularly set hate on the starboard side of the spectrum. Last December, in testimony before Congress, SPLC president Richard Cohen refused to include the far-left Antifa among hate groups. We condemn their strong-arm tactics, Cohen maintained, but “Antifa is not a group that vilifies people on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion and the like.” You don’t have to doanything to earn the “hate” designation. You just have to believe the wrong things about people. Those who adhere to a ­biblical conception of marriage are haters. If you’re ­willing to consider that income and education gaps ­between blacks and whites have causes other than systemic racism, you’re edging toward hate. If you’re skeptical that a man can occupy a woman’s body, you’re definitely a hater.

No doubt, every individual in the United States has at least one opinion that throws him into the party of odium. With the number of long-standing assumptions that give offense growing all the time, if you question anybody long enough, he will eventually breach a taboo. He may let slip the suspicion that the wage gap follows mainly from women’s choices, or that the incarceration rates of black males begin with fatherless households, or merely that transgender people are troubled. Few Americans wish to act cruelly to women, Muslims, Jews, gays, blacks, or any other historically disadvantaged group, but one opinion or another they avow nonetheless convicts them. I am sure that many liberals don’t approve of hauling a religious working-class baker before the state because he didn’t want to put two men on a wedding cake, but they don’t want to be called hateful, either. The signs remind them who is cast out of society these days.

To be on the receiving end of the charge is exasperating. With no preparation, you discover that what you thought was your informed or commonplace view has been translated into a bare animus. It’s a rhetorical switch, gathering traditional tenets into a single loathsome trait. I loaded “conservative hate” into Google Alerts a few weeks ago and every day receive a dozen stories and op-eds that cite it without clarifying it. Apparently, the authors don’t think they have to explain how the Alliance Defending Freedom’s jurisprudence and Charles Murray’s social science amount to hate. They just do.

How can you react when you are accused of hate except sputter, “No, I don’t hate anyone”? In the accuser’s eyes, this is no exculpation. He’s got you like Prufrock “pinned and wriggling on the wall,” and he doesn’t want to let go. If you ignore the charge, you come off as guilty or cowardly. If you laugh, you appear to make light of others’ suffering. If you get mad and respond, “Take that back or it’s fighting words!” then you confirm the charge. Only haters get violent!

Be aware, conservatives. You have no answer to the sign in the restaurant window. You’re in the barred ranks and should move on. Or you can ignore the ban, play it cool, and ask for a table. But you’ve been put on notice. The people here don’t like you, no matter how decorous your conduct.

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14 thoughts on “HATE SIGNS”

  1. Every store I go to, be it home depo or the grocery store, all the cashiers says….”have a good one”. It started maybe 4 months ago, or that’s when I noticed. Im talking about every store I go to. So I asked a girl at home depo why she says have a good one instead of have a nice day. I asked her if she got it from other cashiers or was it store policy. She said she liked that one. I don’t believe that. I guess have a good day could get you in trouble because it signifies your having a bad day. Have a good “one”. Super generic, no offence can be taken. But I find offense. Generic treatment means I might be so unstable that I will fly off the cuff to some other kind of fare well. The US is becoming, or is now the generic everything. Don’t offend anyone. Make that cake with two men on it, or else as good brother scoop says, be hauled into court.
    Game show hosts have to be as smiley and non offending as a lump of coal. TV personalities will lose their job if they make a joke in their private lives about someone.
    No black jokes no Mexican jokes no Chinese jokes. White jokes OK because they can take it. Me personally, I cant go an hr without making a racial joke. What I HATE the most is radio talk show hosts who act like gay marriage is the most natural thing in the world, at least while they are on the air. Otherwise they are out of a job. I have a love hate relationship with the CC. I hate how they bar the way for salvation from their flock and themselves, but im tickled pink at how they refuse to marry same sex couples, no matter who gets mad. Gay rights groups don’t even bother picketing the CC because they know its not gonna work.


    • “I have a love hate relationship with the CC. I hate how they bar the way for salvation from their flock and themselves, but im tickled pink at how they refuse to marry same sex couples, no matter who gets mad.”

      So, somehow I remember learning that Jesus Christ will return to judge the living and the dead. NOT YOU! Your salvation for all and you are the judge of yourself crowd loves it that you get to pick and choose which made up religion you will believe in today. It’s the sin of presumption. Look it up. Will it bar you from salvation? Again, Jesus Christ will make the final decision. But, which belief will make you realize the sin and try harder to avoid it?


      • I feel sorry for the unsaved. And even worster for catholics because they did the rituals their church told them to do, and when they wake up in hell its a real shocker. Their religion told them they were the chosen ones. Mormons and Jehovas and Seventh Dayers also. But the CC has this long history which fools the flock. CC clergy use this long history as a selling point. They don’t mention its a history of torture and murder.
        Jesus doesn’t decide at judgment who is saved. The saved are saved befor the judgment. Catholics are taught that no one is sure who is saved. What a miserable hoax of a religion.All the big bad catholics I have know aren’t sure of salvation. But out the other side of their mouths, the Clergy says only catholics are saved. Its a turkey shoot.
        The saved have no doubt. The holy ghost is not the author o0f confusion, like the confusion you get in the CC. Even the 7th Dayers tell their flock they are all saved and so do those damned of god Jehovas. The saved know Jesus personally and have no doubt that they will be covered in the blood.
        Good brother Steven Brown, if youre not sure of your salvation….guess what? Youre right….youre not saved.


  2. I like the point that the author makes about the public persona and “don’t ask; don’t tell”. This, I believe, is a significant area where contemporary society is going wrong. We let people get away with things in public that would not have been tolerated by our ancestors. Common examples include: people playing loud music on their phones in public places (e.g. buses); people exhibiting dyed hair, tattoos, piercings, and other distinctive dress in the workplace; etc.

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    • Because of the left, people are frightened to run their businesses the way they want for perhaps offending someone. Of course, it is OK to have a dress code that prohibits a Christian from wearing a cross or crucifix around their neck. But if you want to dress like a transgender or you want to wear your pants halfway down your arse then they allow it out of fear and the possibility of lawsuits. Its literally insane today.

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  3. Scoop did you see the one Peter five article on Gaslighting? I’m not a huge fan of the publication but the article is pretty convincing.


    • Yes I put the link to the article on my front page at CatholicNewsReport.com

      I like 1P5. He has some pretty good writers there as well. Maike Hickson is especially good in relating what is going on over in Germany and Italy etc. Steve is just an OK writer. Sometimes really good and sometmes not so much. But overall he has more good articles than not, I think.


      • For some reason, I’m listed as following your site but your post never appear in my followed sites feed… I don’t understand it.

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        • Thanks for letting me know. I was wondering why my stats have dropped off. I now have parked NewsforCatholics.info and all its traffic is supposed to be redirected to my new domain https://catholicnewsreport.com

          If not, I suppose the quick fix is to find my new site and follow that rather than News for Catholics.

          If you know anything about WordPress.org I would love to explain some things with you through email. I have lost the ability in Safari to use the notification button anymore and yet it works on Chrome . . . very odd. Nobody at my Hosting company (Bluehost) can find the problem and I seem to not be able to get into wordpress.org to ask questions there. So I have spoken extensively with Jetpack (to no avail) and sent an email request to WPBeginner as well. I hope they have some ideas. But if you have any ideas or anybody else does I would appreciate the help.


        • Hey Phillip, can you tell me when you got the last posts from me? I don’t write that many right now so maybe it isn’t a problem. My last post was on September 19th on Brant Pitre’s Lecture. Did you get that one?


  4. Hey scoop, I went to your catholic news site. How come you missed the news that Cardinal Wurhel has obscounded to the Vatican to escape the US Gmen? That’s big news. I mentioned more than a week ago that Wurhel was gonna escape to the waiting protecting arms of the catholic church headquarters. The church that Christ founded. The holy spirit guides it. The gates of hell wont prevail against it. Just as an after thought, why would the Devil want to prevail against such a wicked and perverse org as the CC? I would guess he should be proud.

    Mr Devil; Ah, what a pleasure it is to see ones work thrive so well. (;-D