Now: Springtime for Francis and Commies

As sad as times are, a little levity is needed as well or we will certainly sap our strength. I was going to name it Springtime for Satan and Hades because there is a strong diabolical underpinning to all of the changes that have swept the world in such a quick amount of time. So the title(s) and the video is about all that you’re going to get from me for a cheap laugh.

That is because times are perilous within and without the Catholic Church and among the other Christian Denominations. We are awash in a new “morality” that used to be called by its proper name, immorality. Evil is good these days and has its rights whereas on paper, at least the Catholic Church affirms that evil has no rights while affirming practices that gives rights to these very same evils; not only hypocritical but downright satanic in its glorification of objective moral evils.

So is this the new normal of the world and Christianity as a whole? That we now find adultery too hard, celibacy impossible, homosexual acts as good and wholesome as the marital act? It may very well be and is probably responsible in large part to the decline of Christianity in both Europe and the United States. If this keeps up Christianity will be a liberal meeting house that claims moral superiority while rejecting all that our fathers in faith counted as among the worst sins listed in the Bible.

Satan, is gloating. He has been at this for about 2000 years to infiltrate and to destroy the Christian faith; and he is having his best success during our sad generation it seems. But satan can do nothing without willing co-conspirators.

Enter, at least in the Catholic world, Francis and his Very Merry (actually) “gay” entourage and closest allies. His new teachings that take us back to the days of Moses rather than embracing the corrections by Christ on the nature of marriage and what constitutes adultery as a serious sin. We see him making saints of Communists, neo-Marxists, Peronists and his brother Liberation Theology adherents. And of course, he cannot help beatifying anyone that unleashed the ‘open the windows to the world’ cry of the Second Vatican Council. I guess that is to lend it some sort of credibility amongst those who think these ‘saints’ are truly Saints as they were made since the Council of Trent. Sadly, it is John Paul II that stripped the process of 141 rules and regulations that were required prior to his pontificate. You must hand it to Francis to take advantage of any crack that might be available in order to drive the thin end of a wedge through until the whole door is wide enough for one and all. Who knows who will be the next big saint; perhaps Che Guevara or Fidel Castro.

The twentieth century saw the demise of Christian taboos amongst all Christians starting with contaception, then came abortion, women pastors, homosexual pastors and now so-called same sex married couples. We are so much more enlightened it seems that for 2000 years the Christians simply didn’t have the proper teaching techniques and brain-washing techniques to use on our children and our susceptible college kids.

Well what now? Where do we go from here? We can either shut the doors or try like hell to take back the high ground. But do we have the desire or have we all lost the fortitude and courage of being Christ’s warriors? Its either that or our churches will amount to nothing more than meeting halls or NGO’s who pander to the government and the various UN agencies for more money to do all the ‘good’ work that they do.

Spiritual guidance, holiness, piety, sanctifying our lives in hope to get to heaven? I hope someday that it will once again be the purpose of the Christian churches. But if we want it to be that way in our lifetimes you must first have to realize that this is not the business that they are currently in. Politics, raising money, exerting power and living lavish lifestyles and indulging in their every vice without consequence seems a new mission for the new Christianity. You might find that appealing in which case the True Churches will go underground and we will be prosecuted relentlessly. If we find that appalling then we better get busy and retake that which is rightfully ours as Christ gave the Church for the sole purpose of  shepherding the sheep not to sheer them and slaughter them for their own amusement and pleasure.

Ignatius of Loyola asked us to answer and think about the following questions:

What have I done for Christ? What am I doing for Christ? What ought I to do for Christ?

If you get those questions answered rightly, we will not have a problem. If you ignore them then we might be back in the catacombs sooner than you think.