Bill Donohue of the Catholic League just wrote a piece entitled, DELIRIOUS REACTIONS TO CHURCH ABUSE. In this article the outspoken defender of the Catholic Faith, Mr. Donohue goes on and on about the abuse that is present in the filthy subset of American Culture called Hollywood. He points to the rapes, the pedophilia, the overall corruption of the industry and he seems to go on and on as if this excuses the sexual crisis that we find ourselves embroiled within the Catholic Church at the moment. And it is for more than just a moment. This has been going strong since before the advent of Vatican II.

Now I don’t know why, if he wants to give excuses for our present situation he leaves out Government politicians, large Corporate enterprises and of course Organized Crime. Their sins are as scarlet, but we all know that and almost expect it. they are on a whole a corrupt bunch who are primarily psychopathic narcissists which care little about anyone but themselves. Their thrill in their crimes against people and the laws of the land and by getting away, in plain view, with these crimes and acts of moral depravity that others go to jail for. This is their thrill. They have no love for their associates and ‘friends’ as they are being used during moments when they are needed for their own benefit; to climb the ladders to success, amass power and prestige, and of course live a life that few could live without spending a life in jail.

What particularly struck me was the offense that Bill Donohue seems to take with ordinary, outraged Catholics as well as others in the media and other people who are not all that enamored with Catholicism in the first place. So it comes across as an apologia for the Catholic Church by pointing a finger at others and diminishing the number of crimes against our clerics including Bishops and Cardinals within the Church. It seems that he is setting up a convenient straw man defense as if these others are equivalent to the crisis at hand. It is not.

They all have one thing in common however and that is their practice of what the mafia calls omerta; the unwritten law of silence, that is practiced among all groups of psychopaths who rise to power, attempt to retain power, in order to promote those who obey and punish those who do not. When their usefulness is over and they are no longer relevant then it is OK to single them out and humiliate them. And should the person who is caught with his hand in the cookie jar retaliates, then all the forces of the clique of blackmailers will come down heavy upon them. Their legal fees and their pensions may be revoked and they will be shuffled off to jail or to seclusion depending on the information that they are willing to share with police and civil authorities. It can even cost a man his life if he breaks the code of silence.

It seems that Bill Donohue is having a hard time trying to convince Catholics who are angry and calling for justice that his argument is essentially the same. But this is the entire fallacy of his article. We know that these things go on in the underbelly of society but doesn’t Bill understand that the Catholic Church is supposed to be a beacon of moral relevance in this world? Does he understand how much worse it is for a successor to the Apostles who is supposed to care for the souls of the Church has a duty that far surpasses any group out in the world? We are supposed to be separate from the world and perhaps that is part of the problem. It seems that we are becoming more and more like the world? And when you fall from a place that is infinitely higher than the atheistic and hedonistic places of power in this world it makes a bigger splash and is far more tragic and meaningful. 

Yes, the Catholic Church has been infiltrated by homosexuals, incontinent prelates, blackmailers, Communists, freemasons and others who are little better than organized crime. And it seems that omerta and the covering up of their crimes is standard operating procedure. It is a scandal, and we should all call it a scandal, for it is precisely what it is. No use in mincing words and no use in making excuses or saying that this group or that group is more filthy than we are. That just doesn’t cut it anymore. Are we the Mystical Body of Christ or not? Are we to be saving souls rather than killing the souls of our own and perhaps chasing them away from the Church for the rest of their lives. Do their souls count for more than your feeble excuse for their equivalency to other fallen groups like Hollywood? I would be ashamed to try to equate the two as a defense and as a way to silence the scandalized Catholics who are abused themselves by all of this. For this scandal puts a black mark on everyone who is a Catholic and drives those who were considering becoming Catholic to go elsewhere. 

I’m sorry but when the Church practices omerta and operates like a gay mafia then we need to start a war to drive them from our midst. Homosexuality in the clergy is a large part of the cliques that have formed and it is also a large part of the malfeasance of the Church’s money and the state of the Vatican Bank as well. It is time to clean house. No excuses, no equivalencies and no pointing of fingers to the guy next to you. Lets point the finger at ourselves and get to work cleaning out the mess.