It is astonishing to me that people at times say that the restrictions of Catholics is too hard and they do not allow the individual enough freedom in their lives; though it is uncertain as to what this freedom consists.

On a macro level, it is obvious that we all have full access to freedom: Pro-Choice in everything we do. We are totally free, due to God’s gift of freewill, to abide by Him and to submit ourselves to His will or to sin in life. We can and do commit at times the most heinous crimes as is obvious in the present sex scandals in the Catholic Church. What is to stop us? So what you are after, it seems, is not ‘freedom’ to live according to God’s will but to have God change His will so that you can live your life outside of His Holy Will but according to your own; without any restrictions, regrets, shame or duties that even a simple marriage vow binds one to.

If we Love God as we think we do then it seems logical that we should take to heart our saviors words: Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart, and with thy whole soul, and with thy whole mind.”__ Matthew 22:37  As in a marriage vow we give to one another our entire selves in sacrificial love and perhaps for the first time in our lives we live our lives for another; to please them, protect them, to abide with them in good times and in bad times. There is nothing we would not do to attempt to bring them anything but complete happiness and joy. 

Is it not the same with God, except more so? For we seem not to think that the burden of marriage is too hard (though many fail at this these days) but we all know of good marriages that have succeeded and when they fell for a time they made up and rebuilt their marriages on trust and fidelity once again. Do we feel imprisoned in marriage? Do we feel that we have lost our freedom? Would we rather be free of our responsibilities and lose the love of another that we have become one with? Speaking for myself the answer I would give is no.

Now when God and His Church asks of us to take on His yoke and encourages us with the words, For my yoke is sweet and my burden light.” __ Matthew 11:30  it is not because He is a liar but because He knows that True Love of Him makes His Will easy for us to bear as it does in a good and Holy marriage. Yes, we will fail from time to time as our human frailties and fallen natures makes us vulnerable to lapses in our judgement and a weakness in our will. But He again has provided for us through Confession and penance to atone for our sins and to mend our relationship once again.

So we have all the freedom in the world though we must decide if the freedoms we desire are good for us, good for our souls, good for the nation, good for humankind and especially if it is in accord with the Will of God which He has given us. For within His freedom even mortal death no longer frightens us but becomes a door which leads to Our Beloved Lord; Whom we expectantly hope to see face to face. A consummation of that love which we started here on earth and which is perfected should we be worthy enough to find ourselves with a place Heaven.

Mostly, the only freedom we need to cherish above all is the freedom to Love God and to worship and adore Him and to try our best to please Him. All other freedom is temporal and has no long term meaning. It is but a blink of an eye to our eternal soul. God’s freedom is eternal and guarantees the completion and fulfillment of our total happiness. What else can we look forward to with as much delight and enthusiasm? For Christ is our final end for which this life was given us.