Sargon of Akkad and Paul Joseph Watson have recently posted a video discussing their UKIP membership, plans for the future of the party, Brexit, and the mainstream media’s war against classical liberalism. The video is 44 minutes long: watch as much or as little as you like. These men are well-known on the internet, appealing to wide and diverse audiences – and also attracting their share of attacks from centrists and leftists.

It should be noted, however, that Parliament is seriously considering plans to ban internet trolls from public office: This worries me because I question not only the morality of banning someone from public office for being (or having been) a troll, but also how the government will define what a troll is and how it will apply that definition to real people?

Are SoA and PJW trolls? I would not have said so: they are engaging in serious debate about the future of Britain and the West. If such anti-troll legislation is created, will it be applied to them? Who knows – but I would not rule it out. Even on appeal, I am not sure whether judges would interpret the term troll to include them.

Britain is in a sorry state at the moment: now, more than ever, it needs to hear voices of people, like SoA and PJW, who support classical liberalism, who support liberty. Let us hope that Parliament does not pass this anti-troll law, and let us hope that UKIP can become more than a one-trick pony and can attract enough of the electorate to shape British politics for the better in the post-Brexit future.