The recent homosexual and pedophilia crisis in the Church, with the scandalous revelations concerning Cardinal McCarrick and others, raises some interesting questions as to the ministry of the Bishop or priest in the Catholic Church. Can they, in fact, represent Christ in a meaningful way as an alter Christus? 

The history of the priesthood and its traditional practice of celibacy is instructive. Even in those who were married the Church once stated that they could not say Mass the day after they had intercourse with their wives and in earlier Church practice many older married men who were married took a vow of celibacy when they entered the priesthood. In this way they could fulfill their ministery to the entire Church and at least enter into a a type of spousal relationship with the whole  Church; becoming a ‘father’ to all the people and nurturing their spiritual lives and directing them toward’s God.

To be a celibate man in ordinary good health and constitution has always been the norm. One cannot, for instance become a priest if they only have one arm or if they are confined to a wheelchair. It is not a prejudice against these men but it is something that prevents them from fulfilling their ministry and their physical abnormalities do not represent the person of Christ in a way that is not distracting to the people; perhaps drawing more attention to themselves than to Christ whom they came to encounter through prayer and sacrament.

It is also the reason why a woman cannot be a priest; for a woman can in no understandable way become a ‘father’ to the Church or represent Christ in persona Christi.

We also do not allow psychologically handicapped persons from becoming priests as might be expected. They cannot adequately be expected to carry out their ministry as they should. So this is where the idea of homosexuality and homosexual tendencies (even if not acted upon) become impediments and even inimical to the idea of the priesthood. One must ask if a homosexual (active or not) can act in persona Christi when they are celebrating Mass or any of the other sacraments. How then will Christ be portrayed to the people?

In a very interesting article written by Fr. Brian Mullady, O.P., S.T.D. after an interview with Pope Benedict XVI in 2011 brings out some very important reasons for why the Church must make an effort to rid the priesthood and the Bishops of the Church who have homosexual leanings. You can read this article here.

Even the effete who seem to have lost their spine and act more womanish than a real man are flawed for the ministry of the priesthood. For Christ was anything other than effete. He was True God and True man and His manhood was not some squishy manhood that we see portrayed far too often in today’s Church.

Please tell me why a priest, as the one in yellow in the middle of the picture above, should have been allowed to enter seminary much less to receive his ordination into the priesthood? It is scandalous and we need not only rid ourselves of the McCarrick’s in the Church but also of these scandalous atrocities of ‘men’ who bring disgrace on the Church and to Christ on a regular basis. And by the looks of this photograph, I would guess that there is more to the obvious sexual perversity of this priest than simply hanging around with a bunch of transvestites in the sanctuary of his parish for a selfie. He and others of his ilk need to be run out of the Church for the good of Christ, the Church and the laity.