In reading Ann Barnhardt’s latest post here it struck me that this band of blackmailers and power brokers who use others by leveraging their crimes and sins for their own gain does not simply stay in a particular arena such as Hollywood or the Catholic Church. It is certain that these types of Diabolical Narcissists will use these same techniques in dealing with people across the spectrum. 

For instance, a predatory Cardinal of the Church can and will leverage news reporters, television reporters, politicians, activists, and captains of industry not to mention the local support of the laity by their cultivated connectivity that they now have with many high-level personages. Everyone, that is useful will be used and those who are no longer useful will be discarded and they always seem to feign indignation and ignorance as their public response to the new and sensational expose of one who is caught with their pants down, so to speak.

I long thought that the shift of the Church into being a ‘gay friendly’ organization that is trying to ‘accompany’ sinners to Christ were actually more concerned with these causes simply because they also suffered the same perversions of those they now tend to defend, protect and ‘minister’ to. It’s the old ‘methinks the lady protests too much’ syndrome. 

Now that is probably still true, I believe, but let us not forget that the LGBT activists may themselves have much information on our prelates, politicians, famous Hollywood types and industrial magnates that can now leverage this knowledge of wrongdoing for the advancement of their particular cause. The same goes for the others as well. It is a two way street.

Nothing is as it seems to the unaware eye of the average bystander of reported news.

I think back to the airfare check that Cd. Bernardin of Chicago gave to Barry Obama to go to attend an IAF training seminar. Now it appears perfectly harmless although it is an odd gesture of magnanimity for a rather obscure activist with a law degree. Can you say that Obama could not find $196 for the airfare at the time? And also curiously, the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) founded by Saul Alinsky seems inimical to the purposes of the Catholic Church. Unless, of course, it was a goodwill gesture in the form of blackmail for information that Obama might have held in regards to Bernardin and might Bernardin used Obama in return by forging a symbiotic relationship with him? If Obama succeeded in politics, then Bernardin has a powerful ally to use and to abuse at will . . . just as the favors asked of the Cardinal by Obama could never be refused, the same ‘courtesy” could be said to be operative by the other. Since the amount is so petty, a mere $196, it seems to be more of a signal than an actual bribe. It was symbolic, perhaps of the intention of Bernardin to let Obama know that; “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.” The real mystery, though there is much speculation on the subject, is what did they have on one another to form a pact. You can see the money trail here.

Another unanswered question is what else did these two confreres do for one another in the succeeding years?

So why do the known radical priests, bishops and cardinals continue to operate without any ecclesial reprimands? How does a man like James Martin continue or a Fr. Phleger in Chicago who operate out in the open in full view of the world? How does a Cardinal Dolan cozy up to the Gay Pride folks and so many others as well? I think Ann Barnhardt has given us the answers to this but will anyone put a stop to it? 

When will we pressure our Bishops and the Vatican to clean house and remove these people. It is most unbecoming and it is a scandal that the Church should not endure much less seem to encourage.