I think that if you look at the way the ‘updating’ as required by Vatican II proceeded it is rather instructional. Psychologists like Carl Rogers and Wm. Coulson got involved and almost single handedly destroyed the Jesuits and the nuns. Their ideas still permeate  the Church and much of the world as well; especially in sex education. Priests and nuns do not seem to find any sin in following their own ‘lights’ of conscience and therefore sexual promiscuity is forgiven because, after all, they feel no guilt; so it can’t be evil. Please read the following interview between The Latin Mass and William Coulson that took place in the late 90’s. 


Now along with the ‘new psychology’ which took a thriving order of nuns from over 600 members and 6 functioning schools down to 0 schools and several dozen aging members is quite a feat for the science of psychology and satan. Please read the above interview as it is full of interesting things, many of which live on in our day despite Coulson’s efforts to undo all the damage he caused the Church.

Now, this new ‘I centered’ approach to examining ourselves seems to be only a stepping stone to Narcissism and, Ann Barnhardt is not wrong to dub it Diabolical Narcissism for that is what it is. For all love is extinguished in the souls of these people and they only care about satisfying their own cravings and getting away with whatever they can. They have no love for themselves either but they do relish being above the law and behaving as though they are above God Himself. They are cunning and they are good at manipulating others and destroying their enemies and/or creating other narcissists that are created in a psychological effort to escape the suffering caused by these unfeeling powerful individuals. So they lose their love as an escape from their misery. Read the latest Barnhardt post which explains alot about the problems of Diabolical Narcissists but also sheds light on our own Bergoglio and his actions.


Finally, I have taken a new post on 1P5 that illustrates how bad these things are institutionally. The story, which I will not ruin for you, is a case study in what was mentioned in the first link above by Coulson: the fact that many priests and nuns started thinking of themselves as bachelors and bachelorettes on the make, I think it explains a lot.


Beyond this partial understanding of world culture and the new Church culture we are left with a sickening pit in our stomachs. How can this be fixed if we cannot find a way to drive these people from their posts of power and instill new good men into such positions? How do we get the seminaries to create such men when there are so few men to teach them? I have nothing more to add though I would be interested if someone had what they think might be a fix that might have a chance of working. I can’t think of one.