“Occasions of sin are external circumstances–whether of things or persons–which either because of their special nature or because of the frailty common to humanity or peculiar to some individual, incite or entice one to sin.” __ New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia:

Catholics have long been warned to avoid near occasions of sin by our Church. And for very obvious and good reasons.

Note that as an external circumstance, living in close contact to a believing Muslim, there is an obvious reaction that occurs both to them and to the non-Muslim. For they intentionally or unintentionally have over the centuries proved beyond any manner of doubt that they incite and/or entice us (and themselves) to sin by returning hate for hate and harm for harm. And our presence around them seems beyond reasonable doubt to be an occasion of sin for them as demonstrated throughout history; for it is a well known fact that Muslims have been at war with the non-Muslim world and wish to convert it by the sword and eliminate all those who do not accept their Islamic faith. It is also a fact that they hate both the Jew and the Christian and all other peaceable religions. They do not accept those who are without a faith, for they too are not acceptable to their faith or ideology; for they will only settle for complete domination of the world to their cult. The world must, in their view, bow to them.

So why do we ask Christians and especially why does the Pope ask Catholics to welcome these people to migrate into our countries and to extend a hearty welcome and have no fear of their barbarous acts against us? Yet the recent history of bombings, killings, beheadings, rapes and beatings of innocent people only shows what we already knew of Islam. In fact, all that we are accomplishing in our acceptance of their migration to our lands is to give them more victims to feed their blood lust and frenzy and entice civilized people to drive them from their midst or to attack them to protect themselves and their families.

That sounds to me like a situation that should be categorized as creating a near occasion of sin rather than avoiding a near occasion of sin. We should listen to the old teachings of the Church and stop all of this foolishness.

To avoid this situation is easy. Leave them in Muslim countries and isolate them. We will be doing the world a favor. We will keep Catholics from being put into a situation that will cause many to sin and we know that the Muslims have already proved that they are being encouraged to commit more sins of violence, rape and murder upon those who do not hold their faith. It is certain that this crazy experiment is detrimental to both the Muslim and the non-Muslim and does nothing to help save the souls of anyone. 

How many conflicts between the Christians and the Muslims from history must we read before we learn a most basic lesson? We are like oil and water and we do not mix and never will mix. We have driven them out in the past and we are in a situation where we need to start doing this again or else face a prolonged war of terror that will either end with us or them as victors. Best take care of this while we still might have a chance to win and remove ourselves from what I think is a global near occasion of sin.