“Wherever applause breaks out in the liturgy because of some human achievement, it is a sure sign that the essence of liturgy has totally disappeared and been replaced by a kind of religious entertainment. Such attraction fades quickly – it cannot compete in the market of leisure pursuits, incorporating as it increasingly does various forms of religious titillation.” __ Pope Benedict XVI, The Spirit of the Liturgy.  https://www.ewtn.com/pope/words/some_quotations.asp

The above quote from Pope Benedict XVI points to just one of the problems that plagues the Novus Ordo Liturgy; namely clapping, laughing and being entertained. For we have a host of novelties that are still emerging, that depend mostly on our own priest or bishop and the country where our parish is located. 

If you have traveled a good deal and attended a Mass in another parish you can find a whole spectrum of novel practices that have become the standard culture of that particular parish and discover other practices which have swept the entire country. Some of these are now viewed as part of the instructions for the faithful; and our children grow up thinking that it is part of the Mass. All such novel practices have one thing in common; they put the laity in a mindset that the liturgy is foremost about themselves.  And in such a state the liturgy is reduced to a joyful celebration of our wonderful selves. Thus, the essence of liturgy has totally disappeared, just as the Pope made clear in his above quote.

Here are just a few of the (now almost universal) novelties that have been enshrined in the liturgy here in the U.S.

  • The saying of the Mass ad  populum (towards the people): never called for but almost universally done.
  • Reception of Holy Communion standing, in the hand: supposedly restricted to those countries who illicitly had become accustomed to this forbidden form of reception before the indult (permission) had been given by Pope Paul VI.
  • The use of an inclusive language lectionary and Bible.
  • The use of women lectors: another concession to the feminists.
  • The use of girl altar servers: more of the same.
  • The use of extraordinary ministers (including women; once again for the same reasons).
  • The use of usherettes 
  • The elimination of the genuflection at the incarnatus est of the Creed; now even the small bow is rarely seen.
  • The raising of the hands during the Our Father in the orans posture; giving the impression that we, like the priest, are the same which confuses the ordained ministry with that of the baptized.
  • The cantor for the choir sings from the sanctuary.
  • Gone is Gregorian Chant; the music of the Church has been lost almost entirely and replaced by modern sing song type pieces which are banal at their best.

I could go on but it is useless to detail all of the novelties and this does not include the things that are inherently disordered in the Mass itself. 

In general there is no silence in Mass anymore; not before Mass begins, after Communion or even after the recession of the priest and his troup of boys and girls. So when do you have a chance to pray I wonder?

Then there are those things that only the most liberal parishes embrace such as liturgical dance and other oddities such as clown Masses or Bergoglio’s puppet Mass or tango Mass which you can see on youtube. 

It simply proves that the essence of the liturgy has totally disappeared in the Novus Ordo Mass one typically attends on Sunday.