Today I would like to share with you a video report from a ministry I follow concerning a trip to Jebel el Lawz in Saudi Arabia. The identity of Jebel el Lawz as the biblical Mount Sinai is controversial and there is much asperity in discussions of it in journals, documentaries, and online. Please keep any comments you make as civil as possible in the spirit of Christ. I would hate for non-Christians to visit this site and find unpleasantness that puts the Lord to shame. Christians are supposed to be known by their love and forbearance. I leave the video for your consideration – it is circa 30 minutes long.


Here is a link to a post I wrote some time ago, in which I draw out a few links between Revelation and Exodus.

If you have time, here is also a short 10 minute video of footage from Joel’s trip.


Joel’s ministry site is: