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Talking Turkey about the Mahdi

It is, of course, too early to determine whether anything will come of this, but it should not be rejected outright either. Turkey’s growing diplomatic provocation of the USA and EU, and its historic willingness to act as a mediator between the USA and Iran is suggestive of an eastern-looking, neo-Ottoman foreign policy. Nor should Turkey’s domestic political and economic problems be ignored ( There is impetus to distract from domestic problems by drumming up opposition against a foreign enemy (think Franco-Prussian War and Russo-Japanese War).

Many reading this will immediately be conscious of Ezekiel’s predication of an invasion of Israel, led by forces from Anatolia allied with forces from Persia, North Africa, and the southern Nile region. I will put my cards on the table and say outright that I interpret this prophecy futuristically. I believe it refers to the Antichrist’s invasion of Israel the prophecy is concluded by the return of Christ followed by the Day of LORD, when the enemies of God will be punished.

How close are we to the times prophesied by Ezekiel? No one can say with any accuracy: such knowledge belongs to the Lord. But we were commanded by Christ to watch (Matt 24:42). This is an interesting data-point that may yet be relevant in the future. Parts of the establishment mocked at the idea that Hitler would seriously invade Europe – but he did and Churchill’s wilderness prophecy (think John the Baptist) was vindicated. Keep watch.